Sunday, December 31, 2006

Auld Lang Syne

Hello, everyone!
The Mum here. Over the past several months, I have been overwhelmed by the the kitties and beans who blog. I could spend hours each day(and sometimes have!) reading about the adventures of my contacts. I have made many friends and have become deeply concerned about the welfare of folks I may never meet outside the Web.

For us, it has been a bit of a difficult year - my continuing health issues and the loss of two beloved kitties, Tilly and Jiggsy. I started blogging because I thought it would be fun - it is! but along with that, is the dawning realization that I don't have the talent for it. I am continuely impressed by the blog content out there - The Calico Girls and their exquisite website, The Meezers and weekly reports, the catcams at IFOC and so many more.

I have decided to stop blogging. I love the cat blogosphere and will pop in to visit frequently, but Toby and I are old and dull. We're at the point where we'd rather sit in a quiet corner with a drink than burn up the dance floor.

We cherish you all and wish everyone a healthy, prosperous new year filled with cuddles and skritches.

Love to all from the Mom, Dad and Toby, too.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Just out of curiousity- how many beans have changed or amended holiday decorations based upon their cat's (pets') activities? Please let us know. My beans seem to think they are the only ones.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Sleepy-time kitty

Toby here. I was very tired Saturday and taking a nap when Mum and Dad covered me up to make certain I was snuggy. I didn't seem to mind a bit.

Then Mum saw this picture on the Calico Girls blog. It looks like Mittens and I have been sleeping in the same bed. (Ssssh, don't tell anyone but I think Mittens is a very nice kitty. I wish she would come and visit me!)

It was very sad to hear about Laurence Simon's kitty Piper going to the Bridge. We hope she meets our Tilly and Jiggsy there, and of course Edloe from her own family. We enjoyed checking the Simon catcams and finding Piper sleeping on her favorite chair.
We know from reading their blog that the Simons love their kitties very much. We have found their high-tech catblogging fascinating.

Even though she was gone by the time we discovered her, Edloe has always been one of our favorite Web kitties.

Dad is a big Star Wars fan and this picture of Edloe from the Simon's archives is one of his all-time favorite photos.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Hello, everyone.

Toby here. I was worried about my beans for a while after Tilly went to the Bridge. Neither cried much, but both were unusually quiet for a few days. I made sure that I was available 24 hours a day for cuddle duty. I'm glad I was able to say good bye and resolve any differences we had. It was time.

Well,I 'm the only cat now and I have to say I'm kinda enjoying all the attention. I've made a special effort to be more sociable and even playful and I've been richly rewarded. I'm especially enjoying the feather toy Mum bought me. I understand what all the fuss was about now. Playing is OK, but I still prefer to stretch out on Mum's lap, purring and cutting off circulation to her legs.

I have challenged Kukka Maria for a photo of her famed multiple nipples and am thinking of other challenges. Stop by the Meezers to read Miles' spritely " Hammy Smells".

Mum says she just got the best Christmas present possible- her youngest nephew is home safely in the US from serving in Kosovo. He arrived late last night in Bangor, Maine and was able to call his parents when he landed. You may not know this , but all military planes landing at Bangor are greeted by folks who come from far and wide to welcome them home. The soldiers are applauded (loudly), given cell phones to call family and friends and given snacks. When the people found out he was from Maine originally, they all cheered him. Mum and Dad want to thank all the good folks in the Bangor area who welcome our soldiers home. Thanks, everyone!

Mum has put me back on an all- crunchy diet. I think it's just as well. The Stinky Goodness loses its specialness when I can have it all the time.

I hear that Cousin Molly has been knocking over plants from the living room again. Yet she she still gets Temptations! THIS IS NOT FAIR! Mum has shown absolutely no inclination to open the lovely tin she bought in Canada, but apparently Molly has been has been getting so-called holidat treats since Thursday! I'm very distressed by this.

I smell meatloaf cooking. I better go assist with the dishing up.

Headbonks and purrs to all!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

P.S. While on my recent trip to Canada, we discovered Temptations gift tins! I don't know if they are available here in the States, but I thought I'd give everyone a heads-up.
Hello, everyone.

Kate the Mum here.
First, we have been ABSOLUTELY overwhelmed by the comfort given to us by the cat blogosphere. It's amazing. I can't imagine that many people showing up at my funeral, except possibly a few creditors making sure I haven't faked it and run away to the South of France. (She's not only merely dead, she's really most sincerely dead.) The Dad and I have spent the past few days remembering our girl, and while we've been sad there's been a lot of laughter as well. Thank you for sharing with us.
The next thing is, we're no longer a mob, strictly speaking. With the forbearance of our kind readers, we will maintain the name. I suspect it won't be too long before there are additions to the family.
Lastly, I have a proposal. Personal experience and creditable reports tell me that kitties LOVE Christmas trees as perches. I suggest that December 17 be used by our gang of bloggers to post photos of kitties in trees. In the spirit of friendship and tolerance that should mark the season, it should be ecumenical. If your kitty nibbles the menorah or sharpens her claws on the Yule log, POST A PHOTO! If your kitty likes to dress up( or at least tolerates being dressed up) POST A PHOTO! See Kukka-Maria and Miles for ideas. The general theme should be 'Holiday Wilfullness'
Toby will post soon. He thinks he's fading rapidly from the new stringent reducing schedule.
Take care and blessings to all.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Tilly (1989-2006)

The Dad here. First, we'd like to thank all those who sent kind wishes, thoughts and prayers to us for Tilly's passing over the Bridge. Special thanks to the Meezers, who posted a tribute to Tilly on their blog, and to Fat Eric for memorializing Tilly on the Rainbow Gingers page. Tilly is now with Jiggsy and all the other kitties who went before. We'll see her again someday.

The loss of Tilly has made us sad. But it was not unexpected. Tilly initially did well with her thyroid medication but soon took a turn for the worse. On Thanksgiving morning, she was on her blanket, breathing somewhat heavily but not in any obvious discomfort. Just as he did before Jiggsy passed away, Toby went over to her, sniffed her, then gently licked her head. The Mum and I went into the bedroom to discuss our options when we took her to the vet. When we came out, she was gone.

Tilly was the Dad's first companion when he left home and lived on his own for the first time. Tilly and her Dad lived in a small second-floor apartment in Old Orchard Beach, Maine. It was kind of a dumpy place but wonderful in so many ways. Even on the hottest summer days, a cool breeze from the ocean rustled the curtains.

"You don't have to spay an indoor cat"

Every day when Dad came home from work, Tilly would be watching from the window. Then she would run to the door to greet Dad at the top of the stairs. The first thing would be to play "Tall Tilly." This was a game where Dad picked Tilly up and carried her around the house so she could touch all the things that were interesting but were too high up for her to reach -- such as the light cords.

Tilly was a girl kitty but Dad thought that, since she was going to be an indoor kitty, she would not have to be spayed. Smart Dad, saving that big vet bill -- WRONG! One day, when Tilly was becoming a young lady cat, she began to yowl. Brrrrup! Brrrrup! Brrrr-OW! Then we had a whole chorus of boy kitties in the yard serenading Tilly. She was very impressed and wanted very, very much to go outside and thank each of them personally.

The next day, Dad made an appointment with the vet.

Frozen chicken bowling ball

Tilly was a very smart, inquisitive kitty who loved to play. Her favorite games were fetching the milk jug twisty-tie and playing "I see Tilly." In this game, Dad would go down the hall to the bathroom. Dad would stick his head out the door, look down the hall and say, "I see Tilly!" Tilly would run down the hall and leap around the corner at Dad. After a few figure-eights around Dad's legs as he shouted "Yay, Tilly!" she would run back down the hall to do it all again.

Being curious sometimes got Tilly into sticky situations. One day, Dad was defrosting a frozen chicken on the kitchen counter. The chicken was still in its plastic grocery bag. While Dad was in the living room watching television, Tilly got up on the counter to investigate. Somehow, she got her head through the loops of the grocery bag and panicked, jumping down from the counter and pulling the frozen chicken after her with a crash. She ran down the hall with the frozen chicken trundling after her. Dad got up not knowing what all the racket was about but sure it involved Tilly. He was ready to hand out some harsh discipline until Tilly came running into the living room with the chicken close at her heels. Then Dad could not stop laughing.

Tilly was a wonderful companion for 17 years. Dad and Mum loved her very much and we miss her terribly. Again, thank you all for your support and prayers.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Hello, everyone.

The Mum here. We want to tell everyone that Tilly crossed the Rainbow Bridge at around 11AM Thanksgiving Day. As far as we can tell, it was painless and she knew it was her time. We'll be writing within a few days about her, but for now we are just quietly coping.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Hello, everyone!

I know it's been a while since we've posted, but it seems like when Mum has time, we don't and when Toby or I have time, Mum doesn't. We've been furry busy here with doctors' appointments ( bean and VET) and the usual daily grind of chores, naps, and eating.

I am still not entirely well. Mum needs to talk to the Evil Doctor as she hasn't received test results yet. It's the funniest thing- every morning, before she feeds the Other One and myself, she gives me a delicious treat. She prepares it carefully by hand, putting in a special white filling. Sometimes I don't eat the filling on the first try, so I GET ANOTHER TREAT!
I've got her well-trained, don't you think? heehee.

The beans (mostly the Mum) were hoping to move. She found a nice apartment, but they decided it was too expensive, so we are staying put for now. Mum will wait till after the holidays to look more.

Mum is taking Grandma to Canada next week. They are looking forward to buying tea and English chocolates as well doing some sightseeing. Molly will be staying at the kitty jail. She isn't happy about that. Mum will help Grandma catch Molly, put her in the PTU and take her. (note from Mum: "Oh, boy.")

Toby sometimes stares at the kitchen cabinets, but hasn't caught anything. Mum and I play with the catnip bubbles nearly every day and she gives me treats often. Yesterday Dad was on the radio talking about the election. Finally, he can relax a little. It's hard work being an editor.

I was playing the cello Wednesday, so now we have a nice southwest wind to make it a bit warmer here. It's sunny and windy, though. Mum says this Indian summer can stay all winter.

Purrs and headbutts to all,


Friday, October 27, 2006

***********WARNING - CUTE ALERT - WARNING*********

Tilly here. I want to thank all the kitties who sent me hints on how to help with the computer. With just a little practice, I've become adept at adding interesting punctuation, closing windows and shedding hair into previously inaccessible places.

These are our new cousins. They are named Stan and M.J. Mum tried to smuggle one home from her brother's house, but she was caught. Thank goodness! They look WAY too cute. Mum said they jumped up onto her lap and climbed all over her, purring. After eating they collapsed into this little heap and fell asleep.

Now I know how Fat Eric feels about the Intruder Kitties...

Monday, October 23, 2006

A mild disagreement

Tilly here. I was trying to get Mum to pay attention to me today. But apparently, she prefers the computer to ME! So I told her what I thought of that!

Here's a little video of the incident:

Why do beans prefer things to kitties? I'll never understand.

As you can see, I'm feeling much better. Thank you for all the kind wishes and purrayers.

Love to all,


Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Tummy Tuesday? You want Tummy Tuesday? Alright, then here's your Tummy Tuesday!
I think it's more like 'Wide Wednesday' myself...

Monday, October 16, 2006

Hello, everyone!

Toby here. It's a chilly, grey day here today and I wanted to go nap on the bed, but I realized I had photos to post, so ... if Blogger lets me, I will!
I think Blogger must be run by woofies as there are so many kitties who complain about it...

Anyhow, here are two photos of my cousins, Kainui and Huna. The first picture is Kainui and while he hides in the closet, he is the alpha cat. Mum and Aunt Mary think this is funny since he's a laid back kitty. He generally lets Huna crawl all over him, bite him playfully and then when Kainui gets fed up, he just sits on Huna! This doesn't sound bad, but he's a little pork chop and most of his weight is towards the rear.

The second photo is the new family member, Huna. He was a very sick little boy when Auntie adopted him. She's a very good nurse and kitty mom, so now he's pretty much all better. He may have URI tendencies, but we can handle THAT. He came all the way from Missouri and Auntie had to pick him up in New York.

It was hard getting him to sit still for pictures. He's a lively, curious boy. His vet seems to think he's part Snowshoe. What do you think?

So those are my new cousins. I like them as long as they don't visit and try to eat my food.
All this typing has made me hungry so I'm off for a little schmeck and then a nice long nap.
Sweet dreams, everyone!

You will have to scroll way down to see the photos!

Good morning, beans and kitties!

Inky here. Mum says she's too busy to post right now and Toby and Tilly are busy sleeping, so Mum asked me to fill in.

First off, both Mum and Tilly are feeling better. Tilly is taking thyroid medicine twice daily and it 's helping LOTS. Her fur looks better already and she's starting to fill out a bit. She's getting spoiled, though, - she gets fed whenever she wants and she's milking THAT for all it's worth. She even gets Temptations on demand! Sheesh!

Toby isn't thrilled by this, so he nudges in and helps himself. Sometimes this is allowed by the beans and sometimes not. Don't worry- he's not exactly wasting away from malnutrition himself! Mum has been heard muttering things like 'sumo' and 'Fat Eric' under her breath.

Mum's medicine is a bit trickier to manage. Dad says it's easier to get her to take it ( he wraps it in a piece of lobster) but the amounts are still being adjusted. So Mum is feeling better, but she's getting used to the new stuff. She now takes double the Lasix she used to and her favorite letter of the alphabet is the 16th.

Last weekend Mum went to visit her friend, our Aunt Mary. Auntie just got a new kitty. That's right, Cousin Kainui has a little brother named Huna ! Blogger is not letting us upload photos of him and Mum is very upset. We'll have to wait until Dad can maybe figure it out...

Yesterday the beans went to the mountains. They drove up to New Hampshire and crossed over to Vermont and then drove south to home. They said the foliage was a little past peak and felt that this year was not a great foliage year. They said it was very advanced, that the trees usually don't look so bare this early. It was very wintry-looking and cold, but still beautiful. Mum is happy- as long as she gets to the mountains at least once a year, she can make it another year, she says.

That's about it. Mum says her brother has 2 new kitties, so she will have to visit on the way to visit Grandma. Molly was very nasty and bit Grandma again! Mum is furious and Grandma is upset, too. We all wish Molly was a nicer kitty. She takes tortitude too far.

Mum says she will get Dad to work with Blogger to load photos. She promised Aunt Mary she'd blog about those boys, and the beans took photos in the country they want to share.

We're glad CalicoMom is getting better and we are all praying for the Meezer's Mum and Brandi's Mum to get good jobs soon.

Stiff whiskers and sunny napping spots to all!

Your correspondent, Inky

Friday, October 06, 2006

Good morning, everyone!

Kate here. Well, I'm blushing. Ken makes me sound like a brave little trooper (think Shirley Temple) when in fact I'm ill-tempered, lazy and ironic (think Bette Davis). The CHF is more of a nuisance than anything else; I just need to be more active and less partial to potato chips!
I want to thank everyone for their prayers, good wishes and good vibes. Thank you!

Now, since this is supposed to be about the kitties and not us beans, a feline update. Tilly seems better already. YAY! Her fur doesn't seem as ratty looking and her energy is better. Thanks everyone!

Toby is morphing into a raccoon. I swear he's getting bigger daily. He spends his time sleeping at the back of our closet. He comes out to eat( of course) to use the litterbox and to socialize in the evening. Ken informs me that Toby ignored him totally when I was in the hospital.

It's a beautiful cool fall day here in New England. We'll post again later this weekend.

Take care.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Many thanks. More prayers needed.

Ken the Dad here. Thank you to all who are praying for Tilly and sending her your best wishes. But sadly, we are in need of more prayers here at the Tower Hill Mob -- this time for Mom Kate.

Kate has been fighting heart disease since she was a child. She has a genetic condition called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy that causes the walls of her heart to thicken and stiffen. She had open-heart surgery in 1988 and is on her third pacemaker. But the unavoidable fact is that Kate's heart doesn't pump very well, leaving her feeling constantly run down and tired.

She has managed the disease well and does not let it define her life. But sometimes, it catches up with her. This past week has been one of those times.

Along with the cardiomyopathy, Kate has in the past year developed atrial fibrillation, an irregular beating of the upper chambers of the heart. Millions of people with AF live perfectly normal lives. But with Kate's already weakened heart, it is a double blow.

Her doctors had been talking about transplantation. But recent tests gave good news -- that is still an option for years away, if ever.

The problem now is congestive heart failure -- a buildup of fluids in the lungs and body due to the heart's inefficient pumping. The symptoms are swelling of the legs, coughing, weakness and difficulty breathing.

I'm telling you all more than you probably care to know or than Kate would like -- she doesn't make her illness an issue. But Tuesday night we had the worst scare in the 15 years we've been married.

Kate could not stop coughing as she tried to go to bed. Sitting up was no help either. Those moments when she did stop coughing, she sounded as though she were trying to breathe through a straw slumping the last bits of drink from a cup.

We went to the emergency room Wednesday and Kate was admitted. The doctors will try to get rid of the excess fluid by increasing her dose of diuretics. She will be fine and may be released today (Thursday). But it has been a frightening and difficult time for us here, first with Tilly, then with Kate.

We appreciate all the friendship and prayers our fellow cat lovers have offered. Kate gets the greatest pleasure following the stories and antics of her furry friends. She finds the concern you all show for each other very uplifting.

I do as well. Tilly was my cat before Kate and I were married. Some day, I will tell you all the best Tilly stories from years gone by, including such follies as "You Don't Have to Spay an Indoor Cat" and the classic "Frozen Chicken Bowling Ball."

Thank you for all your concern for our little Tillycat. Please keep Kate in your thoughts as well.

Thank you again,


Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Hello, everyone!

Kate here. The vet called today to say that Tilly has thyroid disease. This is the best possible outcome we could expect for now. Tomorrow I will get her new medicine and renew the ecstasy of cat-pilling. After 3 weeks, she gets another test and we go from there. There is a 10% chance the med won't help, but we're thinking positive.

Tilly had been using the cat carrier as a hidey hole, but after the visit, she won't go near it!
Toby is fine. Numb as a hake, but fine. He sleeps on the bed and is very disgruntled when we want to come to bed- typical cat behavior. I end up with aches and pains from being contorted, but the cat sleeps well with plenty of space.

I wasn't able to blog earlier as the server was down. Grrrr!
Thanks again to all my hundreds (it seems) of friends who are concerned about one little Tilly cat.

Take care and good night.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Hello, everyone.

Kate, the Mum here. As some of you know, our girl Tilly has not been well for about a month now. She is 17 years old and is suffering from the frailties of old age. Tonight, we took her to the vet, expecting that she would be going to the Bridge. After talking with the vet, we are going to have some bloodwork done to determine what is going on. We may still have difficult choices ahead of us, but for now we still have our gorgeous ginger girl. We should know the results soon and will certainly keep our friends in the blogosphere updated.

Over the past few days, we have received an outpouring of love and support from people we have never met. I think this is remarkable and I want to thank everyone. It's amazing what wonderful folks cat people are!

Toby, of course, is completely oblivious. He is well and looks more and more like a raccoon as the winter approaches. After his mat adventures of a while back, he loves being brushed and has (somewhat) replaced Jiggsy in his Dad's affections.

We send our good wishes and prayers to our friends Brandi and the Calico Girls and a special cuddle to those handsome Meezers, Sammy and Miles.

Thank you, friends,

Kate, Ken, Tilly and Toby
aka The Tower Hill Mob

Sunday, September 24, 2006

... And then they showed up

Tilly here. Once upon a time, I was the only kitty. I was fat and happy and got all the attention the beans had to give. All the food too.

And then one day in 1994, these showed up.

Dad got them from a lady at work who rescues kitties that don't have homes. This nice lady took in a momma cat who then had kittens. When Dad and Mum went to her house to look at the kittens, there was little Toby sitting bold as brass on top of a cat carrier. (I guess he didn't know then that they were for trips to the vet!)

Mum said "Ooooh, a tigger! That's the one I want." Then the lady said, "There's another one around here somewhere." She reached between her stove and the wall and pulled out a shy little black and white. Dad said, "We might as well take that one, too."

I didn't care too much for these new arrivals and they soon learned to stay away from me. I hissed and growled whenever they came near. I applied a few well-placed swats as well.

The two brothers Toby and Jiggsy kept pretty much to themselves for their first few years. But they didn't keep out of trouble.

The two kitties were big troublemakers around Christmas, when they tried to "help" Mum and Dad decorate the Christmas tree. Here's Mum looking at a strange "ornament" in the middle of the tree. Eventually, Mum and Dad gave up trying to decorate the tree for that year. They said they had the ugliest tree in the world that year -- just some lights scattered randomly over bent branches with cat fur mixed in -- but it was the best one ever.

Troublesome kittens! But still Santa Claws brought them presents. It just isn't fair.

Now Toby is big and brawny and I am old and frail. He's repaying me for my meanness to him when he was young. He doesn't really hurt me -- he just uses his bulk to push me around.

Jiggsy went over the bridge in April. Even I miss him sometimes.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

hello, everyone !
I thought you would like these photos. Mum isn't well, so she and Tilly will blog later. It's chilly here, so I am being both a nurse and a furry spread...

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Remembering Sept. 11

This is William H. Pohlman. He was a lawyer and assistant deputy commissioner with the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance, which had its offices in the World Trade Center. Mr. Pohlman died Sept. 11, 2001. He was 56.

Mr. Pohlman was born in the Bronx and lived in Ardsley, N.Y., with his wife, Linda. They have three adult children, Craig, Christopher and Darren. Mr. Pohlman was also a volunteer firefighter and a lieutenant colonel in the Army Reserve.

The New York Times published brief profiles of each of the victims of the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11. You can read more about Mr. Pohlman at this link.

On this fifth anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001, bloggers everywhere are honoring the memories of each of the 2,996 people who died that terrible day. You can find a list of these bloggers and link to the stories of those they are honoring at this link.

We at The Tower Hill Mob honor the memories of all who died on Sept. 11, 2001.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Good evening, kitties and beans,

Toby here. I haven't been feeling too well, so I probably won't chat long. There's nothing wrong with me, I just don't feel like doing much except eat and sleep. Today I had a nice long wash and played with the toys the Feline Oligarchy sent. They are lovely and I'm enjoying them very much. I hold the mouse between my paws and suck on it. It smells like nip! YUM!
Mum is worried about Grandma and Molly. Grandma has been using the Feliway stuff and thought it was working, BUT today Molly bit her again. It wasn't as bad as last time, but Mum and Grandma are upset. Grandma thinks Molly would rather be a barn kitty where she could run around and hunt mice and stuff. That way, if she is antisocial , it doesn't matter. Does anyone have any suggestions? Grandma is going to talk to some ladies from the church to see if anyone wants a kitty who is an excellent hunter and watch cat, but not friendly.
I'm glad my buddy Fat Eric is home. I thought the kitty jail didn't sound too bad until I read his latest adventure. I hope my beans don't get any ideas about world travel. ( Note from Mum- not until we win lotto) . I'm sorry his Mum didn't enjoy the Red Sox, but August was a rough month for them. EVERY August.
I also enjoy reading about Big Eric. For a large boy, he is quite the athlete. I am most impressed. Me, I'd rather nap. Of course, rural life is more physical than I am accustomed to.
It's getting time to check the food bowl and make sure it is FULL.
Good night, everyone!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Hello, everyone.

Tilly here. Our Mum has been ill and busy so this is the first chance we've had to blog in some time.
The beans went to St. Anthony's feast in Boston a few weeks ago. While they were there, Mum prayed for our friends. She prayed real hard for Carol to get a good job and for Toni's eye surgery to go well. We didn't know about Lost Luna then, but we are praying for her,too. There are way too many sick and troubled poodins' and beans out there. C'mon everyone- we need to get our act together and FIX this stuff!
Toby has been a real pain in the hoo-has lately. First, he had to got the vet. heh,heh. Mum tricked him into going into the carrier. He strolled over to see what she was doing and walked right into it! Mum closed the door immediately and he started YOWLING! He's so dumb. Everything was OK at the vet. He just had to get a booster shot. The vet had a hard time listening to Toby's heart as he was purring so loudly. And, Mum says she has to get serious about his diet as he now weighs 18.6 pounds.
His latest problem is that he doesn't like the litter we use anymore. Maybe he just wants a change, but it's driving Mum nuts. I myself am a clean girl and am not picky, but Toby is being a real poop about it. If anyone out there has any suggestions, please let us know. Mum would prefer something organic like cedar or wheat. Dad wants something that will cover smells really good. Toby isn't saying what he wants.
I'm glad Fat Eric is home and he and his family are feeling better. Dad gritted his teeth when he read the description of Red Auerbach as 'some baseball guy.' I don't know what he was talking about, but it looks like the beans had a good time in Boston. I hope so. ( Note from Dad: Red Auerbach being some baseball guy is like Beckham being some cricketer...)
There's a lovely new addition at the Calico Girls. If Flower doesn't want to stay there, she is welcome to visit me anytime.
We are still mourning Trixie. Mum was so sad when she read about it. She cried and is worried that I may be getting ready to go to the Bridge soon. Don't worry Mum, I've got LOTS of life in me yet!
Mum is getting the Stinky Goodness out, so I gotta run. Whiskers up, everyone!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Hello, everyone!
This is Tilly. We have been quite busy, but I've FINALLY taken the time to write. Mum just got back from Maine a while ago. She went to visit Grandma and Mollie. She helped Grandma set up the Feliway smelly stuff that is supposed to calm Mollie. Paws crossed, everyone!
Many kitties have commented on the mouse in the glass. Dad did say it made the Guinness taste funny...
We have not found any more mice( Thank goodness for THAT- Mum) so I think we have scared them all away. I think such hard-working kitties deserve extra treats, but the beans are trying to limit the treat supply. We don't see the wood chuck anymore either; Mum thinks he has moved to the neighbor's yard. Lots of nice flowers and veg there.
Poor Fat Eric is back in kitty jail. He is well cared for, but that isn't the point. We were really hoping he could visit. We hope his beans enjoy Boston- it's a wonderful city!
Toby has been pushy lately. The other night he pushed me away from my dish and started eating! Dad had to squirt him with the plant mister. Then Toby ran away since he's a coward. At last I got to eat in peace. Now that Mum is home, he won't get away with stuff like that.
I was watching Mrs. B's video. She is a rubenesque lady who even while she's trying to retrieve treats is elegant.( Unlike the previous sentence.) Mum has heard of these treat balls but has never got one. She thinks she will get one for us. I want people to know I am not the fat one , though. She will also get one for Mollie since she's getting a bit, uh, pudgy.
"Flabskirt" is a good word. Mum laughed when she read that. She calls the one Mollie has a 'dewlap'.
Well, Mum is yawning after her long drive so I think it's time to get her to bed. We are saying prayers for all the beans and fluffies who need it.
Good night and perky whiskers to all!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Hello, everybody!
Inky here. Tilly and Toby are busy eating, so I thought I'd grab the computer and write today.
First we heard that the kitties at got their Secret Paws! We had never met them before but now we read their adventures daily. We always like to hear of new kitties and beans bloggin'. If you haven't been there, go visit them.
We also met the meowers from Missouri ( Their Mum sent us a nice email telling our Mum all about the area where they live. Mum enjoyed it very much and will reciprocate as soon as she gets off her butt. ( her phrase, not mine).

The above picture was taken a few nights ago. Dad had worked late so he was in the living room watching TV and relaxing with Mum when Toby started meowing and trying to get up into the cupboard. I was also staring as hard as I could at the same place. Mum picked Toby up, petted him and told him to settle down. Well, Toby did it again. This time, Mum opened the cupboard door to see why we were making all the fuss. In the corner we saw this little guy. YUM!

Well, Dad caught him in a glass and released him Outside. We weren't allowed to play with him or anything... personally, I think the beans should have let us have him to eat, uh, er, PLAY with. Toby got lots of praise and cuddles for being such a good hunter. When Mum realized I had helped she praised me, too.

We have been looking at the kitties with their fat tummies. Mum and Dad will have to take one of Toby as he certainly qualifies.

We won't be hearing from Big Eric and Flynn as they are imprisoned for a while. I 'm sure they are getting excellent care and are getting some much needed rest. We 're still working on helping Catitude getting a job. I have to go now as Mum wants to use the computer.

Take Care and keep your whiskers stiff!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

We were tagged by Derby.

Here's the rules:The player of this game starts with "5 weird things/habits about yourself ". In the end you need to choose 5 people to be tagged and list their names. The people who get tagged need to write a blog about their 5 weird things/habits, as well as state this rule clearly, then tag 5 more victims. Don't forget to leave your victim a comment that says "you're tagged!" in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

We're not really sure what we're doing but here goes:
1. Big brawny Toby is a actually a sissy 'fraidy cat.

2. Toby's feet have never touched pavement of any kind.

3. Tilly doesn't meow so much as squawk.

4. Toby once clearly enunciated the words ' muck-muck'. Mum is STILL trying to figure out the meaning of this.

5. Tilly likes to put things away. She once removed the insoles from a pair of shoes and replaced them with earrings.

6. Both kitties snore.

We choose The Calico Girls, Meezer Tails, Timothy Dickens, Fredcat the Famous and Zeus.

Good luck and have fun!
Hello, beans and fluffies!
Tilly here. The Other One is hiding somewhere. He has been bothering me a lot lately. Mum and Dad reprimand him when they catch him, but they don't always catch him. I am an old cranky kitty who needs her sunny spots. Toby gets cross when Mum moves him away from the sunny doorway for me. Yesterday he rucked up the carpet in protest. Too bad- I am both senior and ginger!
I have to explain about being a weather kitty as ol' Numbnuts got it wrong. Of course. *sigh*.
When I play the cello, my leg points in the direction the next storm will come from. Last week, my leg was pointing north which seemed unlikely to my beans, as this is not the right time of year for northern storms. HOWEVER, I was right. What we New Englanders call a back door cold front dropped in from Canada( thank you!) to break the hot spell. The wind switched around and it got cooler. I rest my case. I can also forecast when it's going to rain. When I sleep curled up, with my head upside down it will rain within 12 hours, if it isn't already. Of course, before a big snowstorm, I race madly around the house since ' the wind is in my tail'!
Several kitties expressed an interest in this. I believe that ALL kitties are capable of predicting the weather- they just need to practice and the beans need to learn to read the signs. I was angry when the Calico Girls described themselves as " northern Idaho hicks". I think the Calico Girls would be EXCELLENT weather cats, with a little effort.
I think maybe girl kitties may be better at this than boys, but I urge all kitties to try. Jiggsy was also a weather cat, but his brother Toby is so dumb he couldn't predict snow in a blizzard!
Things are quiet here. The days are warm and dry. Mum says she could take this weather all year.
Grandma's leg is healing nicely. She got the stuff Mum ordered for Molly and is using the drops. She will wait until Mum visits to set up the plug-in thingy. She says Molly seems calmer, but doesn't know if it's because of the stuff or whether Molly is appalled at her own behavior. (Note from Mum: highly unlikely). Dad thinks Grandma and Molly are codependent and should go on Dr. Phil.
We are glad that we didn't have to help rescue Fat Eric. We would have had to dig a really wide tunnel to get both him and Toby out.
We have visited Big Eric and Flynn's website and recommend it to everyone. What's not to like about Gorgeous Ginger English brothers?
Remember catitude in your prayers everyone and have a good evening!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Good evening, everyone!

Toby here. Tilly is curled up snoring in the cat carrier. She pigged out on Stinky Goodness a while ago, leaving me only the barest minimum amount needed to survive. So then she had a long slow wash and went to sleep. She's from Maine originally and they have a funny expression. When a kitty is washing the hoo-ha area, the people say,' the cat's playing the cello.' Well, Tilly was playing it tonight. The old time Downeasters say that the direction the leg is pointing indicates the quarter the next storm is coming from. Mum says she has observed this to be true. We cats are very smart!

Mum wants to thank everyone who sent advice about Molly. Molly bit Grandma AGAIN today. Grandma went to the doctor to get a shot and medicine. She's very angry at Molly. The bean doctor was concerned about rabies, but Molly has had all her shots and is an indoor kitty, so Grandma should be OK. Mum ordered some Feliway stuff and is having it shipped to Grandma. We all hope it helps Molly to be calmer, nicer kitty. She very, very smart and very, very pretty, but she's also very, very mean. Paws crossed everyone!

We have a new neighbor. I have known about him for ages as I look out the window early in the morning, but Mum and Dad just saw him this week. It's a woodchuck! They like woodchucks since they don't have a garden. This fellow lives in the no man's land behind our house. Mum and Dad have watched him go into a hole in the side of the little hill. He's getting ready to take a long nap soon. Every evening, the beans watch him nibble the grass and greenery alongside the house. Mum can approach quite silently and get close. She loves to watch him graze on the plants. She says his whiskers twitch and he uses his paws to grab taller plants. Mum says it's just as well she doesn't have a garden as she would let all the critters feed. She saw a goldfinch and two cardinals today.

All this typing has me worn out. I really need to get more nourishment. The bowl is actually EMPTY so I must yowl and meow for enough scraps to get through the night. Stay cool, everyone!

Monday, July 31, 2006

Hello, hello, HELLO!
This is Tilly. I can't believe it's been so long since we blogged. Time flies like an arrow and fruit flies like a banana.
It's still quite hot here and I've been spending most days sleeping under the AC vent. I lie on my back so the cool breeze can waft over what my fellow Gorgeous Ginger Zeus calls my hoo-has.(I don't really have hoo-has, but I do have a hoo-ha area.) It's very pleasant. The Other One comes in to stare at me, but he generally leaves me alone.
Many poodins and beans have asked how I am doing. I want to thank everyone for their concern. I eat lots of Stinky Goodness and take lots of naps, but I still like to sit on Mum's lap and play with the laser light. The beans have been eating lots of ice cream and I get to have lappies after. Dad puts the bowl down right in front of me, so I don't have to exert myself too much. Mum usually keeps the Other One at bay until I'm done. HE HAS TO WAIT! HAH!
Now I have to tell you all about Toby. Remember how he protested about being brushed? Well, now the big wuss can't get enough of it. Every night he gets on the bed, stands on Dad's chest and meows until he gets brushed. As he's being brushed, he purrs and closes his eyes. Sometimes he drools, which is disgusting.After that he stretches out at the foot of the bed and goes to sleep while playing the piano. He snores, by the way.
Cousin Molly has been very naughty. The beans and Grandma went to Kennebunk Maine for a wedding. Grandma did for Molly what Mum and Dad do for us. There was plenty of food, water and an extra litterbox. Molly didn't like Grandma going away, so when Grandma came home, Molly BIT her. Molly has nipped people before, including Grandma and Mum. This was very serious. It's a big bite and Grandma is very angry. She is going to the bean doctor tomorrow to make sure it isn't infected. Mum and Grandma are very worried. Do any beans or poodins have advice for us? We understand that there are kitties that are just plain mean, but Molly is really bad. Grandma was the person who rescued her and she doesn't know what to do. Gran would never hurt Molly, but she is at wits' end.
On a happier note, Cousin Kainui is getting a little brother this weekend. We're so excited! Aunt Mary is really becoming a crazy cat lady,hehehe. First one cat, then two, then seventy-eight...
We have been enjoying everyone's blogs. We wish we were with Fat Eric in Essex and that we could visit Big Eric and Flynn. They really know how to inspect a hay barn!
* sniff,sniff* Oooooh, Mum's getting out the smelly blue cheese I love. Time to look pitiful. Take care everyone !

Friday, July 21, 2006

Hello, everyone,
Toby here. Tilly doesn't feel too well, so she is resting in her carrier. Imagine VOLUNTARILY getting in the carrier. She likes it, though 'cuz it's cool and private. She usually helps Mum at the computer for a while then she needs a nap. Mum spends lots of time on the computer( time that could be better spent with ME) but she doesn't interfere too much so Mum lets her stay. Older kitties need lots of rest and attention. I understand that, but I really don't think it's fair the amount of Stinky Goodness she gets. She gets first dibs and that's just not right! Just because she's old and a girl... I need LOTS of food to maintain my rubenesque physique.
I am sending cooling vibes to my friend Fat Eric. F.E. doesn't have AC like we do and the heat is bothering him. He is more than welcome to visit and lie under the vent like I do. The breeze ruffles my belly fur and it's very pleasant. Every now and then I stretch and maybe have a bit of a wash, but I mustn't strain too much. I need to keep my weight up.
Our cousin Molly, the Evil Tortie from Maine is very upset.(She's ALWAYS upset, but now she has a reason!). The maintenance men where she and Grandma live haven't trimmed the shrubs in front of her window and she can't see out as well. This makes her very mad, she lashes her tail and growls outside. She also tries to get in the living room window, which is a no-no. There was an incident involving a broken Hummel which my Mum and Dad were blamed for. Ever since then, Molly is not allowed at the living room window, only the bedroom. She can still see the hummingbirds, but she can't see the beans come and go too well. She is especially mad 'cuz she can't see the other kitties any more. Grandma has tried taking her out on a leash, but we don't talk about THAT. Molly is a very, very tempermental kitty. That's all I have to say.
The beans are thinking of having a birthday party for Tilly on August 15. She'll be 17 then. I'll keep everyone posted on details!
Stay cool everyone!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Hello, everyone,
Toby here. It's been very hot here. From the kitty blogs we read, it's been hot EVERYWHERE! The Other One and I have been trying to stay cool. We do this by napping a lot. It seems to help. Inky is doing well. Mum likes him because he sits quietly next her computer and doesn't try to type. Dad likes him because he doesn't cost a lot to feed.

Last Saturday the beans went to Boston. They sometimes do this for fun. It usually involves eating, so I guess I can relate. They went to a famous section called the North End. Mum says if she were rich she would like to live there. It is the part of the city where the Puritans first settled, but now it's known as the heart of Little Italy.

There is a store there named Polcari's, which has great Italian coffee and spices. Mum remembers years and years ago, there used to be a big cranky kitty that lived there. It had a basket beneath one of the counters ( so you wouldn't know it was there) and ran the store for the beans. Mum hasn't seen him for years, but guess what? There's a new kitty boss at Polcari's! She doesn't know his/her name or anything, but she got his photo.

The other photos are just what Mum calls 'atmosphere' shots. Mike's pastry is a famous pastry/gelato shop on Hanover Street. there's a similar place across the street called Modern and everone always argues which is better. Mum prefers Mike's because it was the first one she went to and also because once upon a time it also had a resident kitty. She remembers it as being the largest kitty she has ever seen. Of course, living in an Italian pastry shop IS somewhat conducive to growth. I wish Fat Eric and I could live there, at least for a little while. Maybe when his Mum visits the States, he could visit us...

Well, that's about it from here. It's supposed to be hot here so everyone keep cool and remember the kitties who need our prayers and help- Edselsmom and Catitude!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Naming of Cats

Hello everyone. Tilly and Toby's beans here. Sorry not to have blogged in so long but things have been very busy here.

Let's talk about kitty names. We know that many kitties have several names, some even that their beans are reluctant to admit. At the risk of a visit by the men in the white jackets and a long, involuntary stay in a room with padded walls ($156 per day, crayons included), we are going to reveal all the names we've had for our kitties over the years and the reasons behind them. Maybe others will share as well.

Let's start with Tilly, the oldest. Tilly's main name is short for Attila the Cat. She soon got a last name, too -- Wilkins. Why? We don't know. She just looked like a Tilly Wilkins and the names sound good together.

As she grew up from kittenhood and added a few pounds, we started calling her Pudgy Fat Tilly Cat or sometimes Suet Ball. Tilly won't sit still on your lap -- she keeps pestering for constant head-skritches -- so we've also called her Tilly Wiggles and Agit-Cat.

Tilly Wiggles soon became Tiggly Wiggly and Tiggly Wiggly Dee. During an unfortunate bout with fleas in her youth she was known as Tiggly Wiggly Flea.

Now that Tilly is old and thinning with age, we call her Little Old Tilly Cat. That comes out sounding like Li'l Ol' Tilly or just Lilo.

That's quite a few names for one ginger cat. But Toby has a lot of names, too.

We don't know how we came up with Toby initially. When we adopted him as a stray tiger-stripey kitten, he looked like a Toby -- Toby Tigger. But that was just the first of many names.

We soon found Toby is a curious cat who loves to poke his nose in where it doesn't belong. That led his English grandma to call him a "Nosy Parker", which is something they call nosy people in England, we guess. So now Toby became Toby N. Parker.

Leave a plastic grocery bag on the floor and Toby will root around in it to see what's inside. That led to a new nickname -- Mr. Rooterman. That sounds vaguely Germanic, so we started saying it with a heavy German accent. It became, briefly, Manfred von Rooterman.

When he was covered with mats and had a hutchy (smelling like a rabbit hutch) backside from improper cleaning, he earned yet another name. Matted, hutchy -- Matt Hutchinson. Sounds like an action hero in the movies.

Because of his size, Toby has also been called Biggie, Mr. Biggie, Biggles, Biggles of the RAF and Biggie Boy.

Lately, we've been calling him Tig -- short for Tigger. Toby doesn't care what we call him, as long as we don't call him late for supper.

So that's the full truth about us and cat names. We hope this full confession will lead other beans to do the same. Remember: Admitting a problem is the first step toward recovery.

Yes, we are nuts. But any attempt at involuntary committal will be resisted to the fullest extent of the law.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Well, I'm still not entirely sure about Inky. He seems OK- I'll have to wait and see. At least he doesn't hog the food bowl like some Other Cat I know.
Mum has been acting very strange today. She was lifting our tails to look at our butts! She couldn't tell at first if Inky was a Mr. Inky or a Ms. Inky; she finally decided he was a Mr. Inky who had hoo-ha surgery. Then she checked mine to make sure there no ,uh, klingons IF you know what I mean. Finally, she checked Toby's. She's a bit worried about his hoo-ha area. Ever since it was shaved it has been very clean, but the fur is growing back slowly. Mum is worried that it will never grow back properly and that Toby will be susceptible to colds and drafts. Does any other kitty have a similar experience? I think he is intentionally NOT growing his fur back so he gets extra attention. He's such a wussy boy.
It's going to be very rainy the next few days. Mum and Dad are making preparations to hole up for the weekend with all kinds of snacks and us kittycats. They would like to go camping, but the weather has been too bad.
Last night, the Other One and I smelled the skunk right under the bedroom window ! We could hear it rustling in the grass and then getting into the trash. Dad went out to check, but he came back rather quickly. He and Mum were laughing because they like skunks, but not that close.
Good night, efurryone! Remember Edsel's Mum and Catitude in your prayers- also anyone else we may have forgotten!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Hello, everyone!

Sorry I haven't written. It's been kinda hot here so I've been taking it easy. Some of you have asked about Outside. I didn't like it. I had a lovely new blue harness and leash and Mum was very re-assuring, BUT...

I went out, sat on the grass, nibbled some and then I sat next to the door and YOWLED to go back in. I wasn't afraid, I just didn't see what the big deal is all about. I prefer my climate-controlled life, thank you.

I have started sleeping in the cat carrier. It's quiet, private and The Other One leaves me alone. Yesterday afternoon, I got quite a shock. A big box arrived at the house. Mum took it into the bedroom to open. Toby the Waddly One went racing to see what was going on. Well, there was another cat inside! I don't like this! Mum says his name is Inky. He seems quiet and both Mum and Dad have been making him feel at home. Right now, he's sitting on the desk next to Mum. I don't like him. He looks sneaky to me. The Other One likes him although I think that's just because Inky brought treats. That's about it from here. There were big thunderstorms last night, but they were far away so I wasn't too scared.

I want to congratulate all the kitties at the Catlympics for a job well done.

Remember Edsel's Mum and Catitude's Mum in your purrayers.

Good night!


A new arrival

Hi, everyone! Toby here. Something exciting is going on today. Mom's got a big box. I wonder what's inside?

Another cat?! I don't recall placing an order for another cat! But wait, there's other interesting stuff in here. Mmmm, tasty treats and little feather-tailed mousies!

Mom says the new cat is named "Inky" and he comes to us from Derby and his family. Oh, that's OK then. Thanks, Derby!

I think Inky will like living here and being part of the Tower Hill Mob. He and I are going to be good friends. Thanks again, Derby!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Hello, everyone!
I am very excited for several reasons. First, Derby has informed us that Inky is coming to live with us. We promise to be good and make him feel at home. We'll send pictures when he arrives.

Second, the catolympics have started! We are cheering for all the kitties who are participating. We will check in with the Calico Girls often to see how things are going. Third and most important, I AM GOING OUTSIDE!!!

It's true! Mum bought a pretty blue harness and put it on me yesterday. I wasn't too sure, but it didn't hurt or anything, so after a while I forgot about it. Mum kept it on so I'd get used to it.
Today we had the remnants of Alberto (whatever THAT is) so we didn't go out. Mum said tomorrow (Friday) it should be warm and sunny so we can play outside. She plans to bring my nice blue blankie so I can rest in the sun. I'm so excited!

Even before going out, I have been very frisky. Mum thinks I am entering second kittenhood. I leap up onto her lap when she's at the computer and help her. She doesn't realize how helpful this really is. It's very important that I get my Tilly smell on it. I like to watch the little moving thing,too. It's a win-win situation for me: either I get to help or Mum gives up and gives me cuddles and sometimes Stinky Goodness.

Well, I am very tired and I want to rest up so I will say good night for now. Sweet Dreams, everyone!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Hello, everyone,
We kitties and the the beans are thinking good thoughts and sending prayers to Edsel's Mom and the whole family. We are also hoping Catitude gets good news about job hunting. Mum goes for a walk nearly every evening when the weather is good. She knows where all the neighbor kitties live and she talks to them. Last night when she was out, she saw a big orange and white(like me!) that she hadn't seen before. She told me about it and we think that kitty would definitely qualify as a Gorgeous Ginger. There is also a large calico who reminds Mum of the Calico Girls- she looks so dignified and managerial. Mum says calicoes and torties tend to be bossy, but in a good way.
Thanks everyone for finally sending us some sunshine. The front door was open, so I spent most of the day in the sunshine that came through the door. This gave Mum an idea. She thinks she might get me a leash and take me outside. I'm nervous about the leash and outside part, but the sun part sounds good to me. Mum says she will stay right with me and not let me get away. I think I might try it.
I have had a busy day, what with the sunshine and all, so I'll say good night. 'Good night'!
Note from Toby: Busy,hell! She's been dozing all day. So have I, but that's different...

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Hello, everyone. I haven't blogged in a few days as nothing really new has happened. I have been spending my days sleeping and eating. What else is there for a handsome tigger to do? I have had a fair amount of success hypnotizing the Mum into giving me more food. The Calico Girls are really good at it, too, but the occupational hazard is indeed dozing off. Yowling and squawking like the poor starved thing I am seems to work better with Dad. Has any other kitty noticed a gender preference re getting extra food? I think we need to conduct some research into this so we can maximize food amounts. All this talk of food is making me hungry. I'd better check the food bowl. - Toby
Finally! I thought he'd never get done. He can't go 15 minutes without eating. I think I 'll start calling him 'Waddles'. I can't believe he only weighs 18.5 pounds. He's a big thug and that's no joke!
I 've been taking it easy as befits a girl of my age and ginger dignity. The rain bothers my achy bones, so I spend as much time on Mum's lap or on my blue blankie. I also have a little kitty cup, but I prefer the blanket. It's really big (queen-size, just for me) so I can make nice soft warm nests in it. Mum put it in the doorway to the study so I can hide in there, too.
Today it is raining- AGAIN! The beans are very depressed because of it. So far, the house hasn't flooded, but everything is so damp. The yard is full of toad stools and the plants aren't doing so well. The soil is too soggy. Please, efurryone, send us some sun!
Well, it looks like Mum's lap is opening up, so I think I'll head straight for it. Good-bye!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Good evening!
Toby here. We had a quiet day today. The beans have started to feed me what I think is a pitiful amount of crunchies, supplemented with barely a taste of Stinky Goodness. They actually expect me to survive on this! I will be be very, very persistent. I will sit quietly on the arm of Dad's chair and stare at him. I will flop over onto Mum when she's lying in bed and stare at her. I will always be underfoot. And, ultimately, I will get more food. I am the tiger. I will triumph.

Tilly here. I don't know what's going on with the Other One. He just sits and stares. It doesn't bother me, it's just weird. I was on Mum's lap earlier, getting skritches and loving it. She told me how she's going to look for one of Vir-ginger's littermates this week. Maybe even tomorrow. She wants to get another ginger (of course) and maybe name it after either Zeus or Fat Eric. She will have to see what's available. She may even get one for Grandma. That would be really fun. It's still raining here. I reminded her she needs to send Zeus a postcard so he can visit. I hope the weather gets better for his visit. We could do all sorts of things with him, but only if the weather's OK. Mum said it would be OK to go outside with Zeus as he is a very smart kitty. Need I remind anyone what color he is?
The beans are very grumpy. They are watching TV. They keep making noise like they are in pain and saying things like " damn Yankees" and "Judas Damon". I'm not sure what it all means but Mum is giving up and going to bed. I have to go cuddle now. Goodnight, efurryone!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Hello, efurryone,
Toby here. I just wanted to write a brief message. First of all, I 've been brushed nearly every night by Dad and while I'm not ready to say I like it, I have to admit it isn't too bad. He's very gentle and the brush he uses is soft, so I'm kinda getting used to it. Thank you, efurryone for all the support during my recent trauma.
Secondly, the Other One and I want to express our support for the Catlympics. We've been following the activities with great interest. We think it is a great thing for Catdom.
Lastly and most importantly, we are sending out purrayers and support to Edsel (and family) and Catitude. Positive energy, efurryone!
Mum is home. Dad didn't really feed me enough while she was gone. He said he did, but it barely provided the energy to nap. I had to severely curtail my security duties and rest frequently. Now Mum is home I expect things to improve.
The weather is still bad here. Mum and Dad are talking about building an ark.
Good night!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Hello, efurryone!
Mum is home and I am so glad! She had a good time visiting Grandma and Cousin Molly aka the Tortie Terror. Mum took a picture of Molly and here it is. Molly had a very hard life until she found a forever home with Grandma. She is still a fierce wild kitty at heart, and really only likes Grandma. This is true even though Mum always brings her treats and tries to be friends. I think it's sad that Molly can't trust people, but maybe someday she will. Anyhow, Mum said Molly slept on her cot when she thought Mum wasn't looking. She also spent quite some time investigating Mum's travel bag, and had a nap in it even!
As soon as she came home, Mum cuddled me and Toby (but me first). I purred and purred and hopped up into her lap. Mum kissed me and gave me head skritches. Toby hopped up on the arm of the chair. Mum petted him, and then made him jump down, so she could continue petting me. After a good long cuddle with Mum, I got down. Can you believe Toby jumped right up? He didn't even give Mum a choice. He kept meowing and heading towards the food bowl as if Mum's return called for extra crunchies for HIM. What a fraud! He acts as though he's starving and he's really quite large. I know he'll end up sleeping on her feet tonight. Anyhow, Mum is really glad to be home. She missed checking up on all the kitties she knows and she hopes all is well. She is concerned about Timothy Dickens. She hasn't been able to get his page. She wonders if anyone else has had this problem. She hopes all is well with him and his family.
Now Mum is home, I have to help her settle back down. Take care efurryone!

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

This is the Mum of the Tower Hill Mob. I have to go away for a few days so the gang probably won't be blogging. Tilly is not speaking to her Dad ( she won't say why) and Toby will be busy running the house. Actually, they BOTH will be running the house as it's better to leave a cat in charge than a human male.
Toby wanted me to thank efurryone for their kindness during his recent trauma. He feels that the best cure is lots of crunchies and toys.
Cousin Kainui is still not 100% better, but he's coming along.
So, a big hello to every cat and bean in the blogosphere and I'm sure they both will have lots to say when I return.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

And now... the rest of the story

Toby here to report What Happened Next.

So there I was all safe at home Wednesday night. My beans were giving me treats and head skritches, telling me what a good boy I had been. The Other One was her usual grumpy self. Everything seemed back to normal.

And THEN......

Daddy came home from work the next night and grapped me up right away and stuffed me into the Evil Cat Carrier. And we went BACK TO THE VET! This hardly seems fair as I had just been to the vet the night before. Who ever heard of going to the vet twice in two days!

The beans at the vet put me in the kitty jail. And there were dogs back there in the jail, too. Because of my large size, I had to have a large cell -- near the dogs. It was a very trying night. Mummy and Daddy were not there. I even would have been happy to see The Other One.

The next morning, the vet beans took me out of the cell and into another room, where they poked and prodded me a bit. Then I got very sleepy. When I woke up, the horrid deed had been done.

The shaving was not as bad as I had imagined. They only had to shave the parts where I had not been grooming as well as I should.

But it is still embarrassing. The vet shaved my hooha-al region leaving me all naked in this sensitive area. I don't care for this at all.

After some time back in the cell, Mum came to take me home. I have never been so happy to get into the Evil Cat Carrier and I was very, very quiet on the ride home. As soon as I arrived I checked the food bowls to make certain they were still there. They were, to my great relief.

When Dad came home, there was lots of petting and headbonks and cuddling. Mum and Dad told me what a good boy I had been and gave me some extra Stinky Goodness. They only chuckled a bit at my naked hooha, so I forgave them.

I hope this is the last visit to the vet for some time.

* * *

Tilly here. He looks like he has mange. I hope it's not catchy.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Hello, efurryone,
Toby here. Well, they did it. It all started Wednesday evening. I was dozing on the bed. I had made a nice, comfy nest on Mum's pajamas and had just about made up my mind to go to the kitchen and get a snack. Dad came in and picked me up. He was talking normally so I didn't suspect anything. As we entered the living room, I saw the Evil Cat Carrier! I resisted- I'm a strong, stubborn kitty, but in the end they won. They always win. The ride to the vet (so THAT'S where we were going) was stressful. I yowled and yowled. They tried to reassure me, but I didn't believe them.
The vet was awful. I had to wait in a big room with some dogs until we all went into a little room. They let me out of the carrier and I tried to escape. Trouble was, no place to escape to! No closets, drawers, nothing! I jumped up to the window and thought about leaping out, but it was latched and the bushes below looked prickly.
During all this my beans were chatting and talking to me as if nothing were wrong! Can you believe it?
The vet came in and I have to admit she knew her stuff. She admired my regal looks and weighed me. I weigh 18.5 lbs. Not Fat Eric standards, I know, but quite respectable nevertheless. Then before I knew what was happening, she had given me 2 shots. I honestly didn't see it coming. I lay there startled while the vet went away to check on something. When she came back, she asked the beans if they could bring me back Thursday for the rest of the treatment as there were scheduling problems. They said ' Sure, no problem' and I was done!
The ride home was anticlimactic. I was very quiet, mulling over the various indignities that had been perpetrated upon me. The beans were discussing something about someone needing dental work as well, and getting there before it closes.
Well, this has already been a long story and the most exciting ( and troubling) parts have yet to come, so I will continue this later. The Other One is clamoring to speak.
FINALLY! This is Tilly, the Ginger Queen. For a day or two this week, I thought I was going to be the Only Cat again, but Fate is cruel. It was but a beautiful dream. He's back and feeling better, although I noticed a certain grumpiness and naughtiness that wasn't there before. Perhaps he's punishing the beans for taking him to the vet? Heaven knows I wouldn't misbehave- I would be grateful that my beans cared so much for me. Anyhow, it was wonderful. I had ALL the food, ALL the attention and ALL the sleeping places ALL the time. Now he's back and I have to share. I noticed Mum is rationing his crunchies with a little cup, while I still get crunchies and Stinky Goodness. This morning, he splashed water from the bowl all over the floor and Mum was very cross. She muttered something about picking up bad habits at the vet's from the other cats. I am a good cat. I never would do that. I just cuddle and purr. When I was younger, I was sometimes naughty, but now I just am a lap cat. Maybe someday I'll tell everyone my adventures. In the meantime, we and the beans are thinking of Edsel' s Mom. We hope all goes well with her.
Until next time,

Thursday, May 25, 2006

P.S. Cousin Kainui is doing better. Just a virus. We're all so glad. His Mum was worried.- Tilly
The Mum here. Toby was taken to the vet last night. NOT a happy boy. He yowled all the way there and tried to hide in the exam room. He got his shots and was a very good boy. He weighs 18.5 lbs. which is not in the league of Fat Eric, but is still quite respectable. Due to a scheduling conflict, we were asked to return tonight with Toby. He will stay overnight and be shaved tomorrow. He is also getting some dental work done. Thank God for anesthesia! The Dad and I are dreading trying to get him into the carrier. Tilly will post later as she has been greatly amused by all the activity.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I'm doomed. The female parent brought out the Evil Cat Carrier. I'm hiding until they forget about this crazy idea of shaving me. Toby

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The case for shaving

Toby's Daddy here. Methinks Toby doth protest too much. And I have the documentary evidence to prove it.

To wit.....

Although I have been a good Daddy and tried diligently to remove these mats and knots, Toby refuses to cooperate. In addition to claw swats and bites, he has another defense -- passive resistance. When I attempt to brush him, he flops limply on to his back and paws at the brush. His wide belly thus deployed, it's impossible to get at his back knots.

Toby's distinctive pear shape renders him unable to clean his hindquarters properly, resulting in an unappetizing collection of dingleberries. Daddy and Mummy trim these as necessary, but needless to say, this is a rather stressful project for all concerned.

So we're off to the vet Wednesday night. Toby will stay overnight and get his shots updated. The next day, the shaver will do its embarrassing but necessary work.

After pictures to follow by popular demand.
Oh,no. Oh,no. OH,NO! This morning I just happened to be napping on Mum's chair when I heard the answering machine click on. It was the vet, confirming my appointment! I don't need an appointment. I am perfectly well and happy. True, there are some small slight matting problems, especially near my (cough,cough), but I don't think that justifies an appointment. I've been so good lately. Dad has been brushing me almost every night and I hardly ever retaliate. It isn't fair! Just because I'm generously proportioned and can't groom well, I'm being singled out for torture. Do they take the Other One to the vet? NO. She may look well-groomed but I bet she's got great big knots underneath. It isn't fair! They haven't brought out the Evil Cat Carrier, so it isn't really happening, right? I really have to sleep on this. -Toby.
I also heard the answering machine. Can anyone doubt that there is a Big Kitty Upstairs meting out justice? Life is good. - Tilly

Monday, May 22, 2006

Hello, efurryone,
Toby here. I have a lot to tell everyone today. First and most importantly, I want to send out purrs and good thoughts to Cousin Kainui. He owns Mum's friend,Aunt Mary. Aunt Mary never had a kitty before being claimed by Kainui, so she's especially protective of him. It seems he developed a fever and was not eating, so his mummy took him to the vet. The vet took some blood(!) for tests and thinks he might have a virus. In the meantime, he is resting quietly at home. Get well soon, cousin!
We have still had bad weather here. Last evening we had a thunderstorm. I don't take refuge in the pantry like Mittens Pollypaws, but I definately stick close to Mum! Mum went to the door to check on the storm and she saw a woodchuck in the yard. She was very excited as she and Dad like woodchucks. He ran away before she could get a picture. He had some dandelion greens in his mouth. Mum thinks he lives in the neighbor's yard. The grass hasn't been mowed because of all the rain so he can hide and nibble safely. I hope he comes back- I would really like to see one.
The Other One has been sleeping on her blanket all morning. When Mum and Dad got up today, she got pets and skritches. I think she's feeling her age. The damp weather bothers the beans, too.
Mum's friend in England sent her a photo of her kitty. Mia is a lovely looking girl. I wouldn't mind getting to know her better. MROW! She actually lives with a dog. I have heard of this, but I don't think I'd care to do it. The Other One is bad enough, thank you very much.
Well, it's time for me to harrass Mum for more crunchies.
Happy Nap Time, efurryone!

Friday, May 19, 2006

Hello, efurryone,
Toby here. I have had a pretty good day. The beans went to the kitty store and bought lots of stinky goodness. I know 'cuz I hopped up on the table and looked in the bag. I was leaning in to smell the cans when Mum saw me . She waved her arms at me and yelled" Get down from there!" I stared at her a minute then I got down, but only because I was good and ready.
Later they had steak and gave us some tidbits. I wasn't really interested until the Other One came over to see what I was getting. Then I had to share.
Mum bought a new brush at the kitty store and tried using it on me. She was very gentle and patient, but I still don't like it. She was able to get some more knots out, but they're still talking about shaving. I don't want to lose all my lovely fur! The Other One says she doesn't mind being brushed. I think that the porch light is on, but nobody's home, if you know what I mean. Likes being brushed. Yeah, right and I'm a pure-blood Persian. HA!
It's still rainy. There was a thunderstorm early this morning and I was nervous. Not really afraid but I felt it was important that I hop up on the bed with the beans and snuggle down. Mum petted me and I purred. Dad rolled over and muttered something and I purred some more. Life is good!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Good afternoon, efurryone!
Toby here. Boy, am I exhausted! Since my brother went over the Rainbow Bridge, I am the cat-in- charge when the beans go Away. It's always hard work. First and most importantly, I have to make frequent, in-depth inspections of the food supply. As a public service, I often personally taste the the food for flavor and crunch. Then, I have to patrol the house. I have to check the bedroom windows to make sure no squirrels or raccoons are trying to get in. Lastly, I have to make sure the bed is comfortable and remains neatly made. This can take several hours at a time, if done properly.
Mum says there has been lots of flooding near here. She wants to thank all the kitties and beans who sent purrs our way. The schools are closed and some roads are still shut down, but we hope the worst is over. Even though he's on vacation, Dad went into work to check on some stuff. He had to go a long way 'round to find a road that was clear.
The Other One is demanding her say, so I'll let her ramble on for a while...

This is Tilly. I do NOT ramble on. Let me tell you what really happened. First of all, he isn't really in charge. The beans leave me in charge, because I am the elder, wiser kitty.
All he does is eat and sleep on Mum's pajamas. When he gets bored, he plays floor hockey with crunchies he scoops out of the bowl. So much for leadership.
Of course, things run smoothly when I'm in charge. We follow our own schedules, just like any other day. The only real differences are that I can't sit on Mum's lap and Tubby Toby overeats.
Now that Mum's home, I've been staying close to her. She's busy cleaning and doing laundry and stuff, but she talks to us. I think she and Dad missed us nearly as much as we missed them.
I think such devotion deserves Stinky Goodness, so I'll go sit next to her and purr softly and look like an old, pathetic kitty. That always works. Stinky Goodness rules!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Hello, efurryone,
We have had an unusual few days here. First, the beans went away. They do this sometimes. We don't mind as they leave LOTS of crunchies and water and extra litter boxes and stuff. They worry about us so much and all we do is sleep and (over) eat. Just another day in the life of a kitty.
The beans went to Baltimore to see the Orioles. Apparently the Orioles are a kind of birdy we don't see so much here, but are common in Baltimore. The beans watched our birdies, the Red Sox beat up the Orioles. We didn't know Red Sox were birdies, too. Anyhow, the beans watched the birdies play and they ate lots of crab and visited stuff in Baltimore. We don't understand it all, but Mum or Dad will explain it better later.
We have had lots of rain! Some of the streets are closed off because of flooding and schools are shut down, too. This doesn't effect us at all, as we don't go out. Some water seeped in to the bathroom, but it wasn't near our litterboxes so we were OK. When the beans came home they spread sawdust to dry up the water. That's all that happened here so far, but some beans and their pets had to be evacuated. That means taken to a safe place. We didn't have to be evacuated. Our beans have been skritching and cuddling and talking to us ever since they got home. Apparently, the so-called better hotels do NOT include cats. Our beans would rather have a cat in the room than a spa robe, I know. Mr. Marriott or Mr. Hilton should consider this when offering amenities.
That's about it for now. We'll write again soon. Fat Eric, thank you for the compliment.
Tilly and Toby

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Hello, cats and beans,
Toby here. First, I want to thank efurryone for the welcome that I and the Other One received. We are excited to be here. I have been invited to join " Attack of the Tabbies" and I accept this honor. My info will have to wait until Dad can help set it up as Mum is a Luddite, whatever THAT is.
I am still having fur problems. When I was being brushed last night- an activity I absolutely LOATHE, by the way, Dad yanked too hard and I had to nip him to remind him who's boss. He yelped and said something that just didn't make sense. My mother was a kitty, NOT a girl dog. Anyhow, his version is that is that it was a completely unprovoked attck. We all know the truth, so I won't discuss it any more. After a while, I strolled out to the living room to see if he was willing to apologize for the way he treated me. He did, although he kept muttering about about cutting off tails and shaving and stuff like that. I'm not worried. They would NEVER take me to the vet and get shaved. I'm just too magnificent. My only concern is that I just might waste away from hunger. There is never enough crunchies, as far as I'm concerned. We get Stinky Goodness at night (which is OK) but I really NEED lots and lots of crunchies all the time. If they are in the bowl longer than 5 minutes, they have lost flavor. Why can't beans understand that?
I only pretend to like Stinky Goodness more than the Other One so I can annoy her. Annoying the Other One is what I do in life. She used to pick on me when I was little and I'm real good at holding a grudge. So now it's my turn. Heh,heh,heh.
Mum is getting ready to do laundry so I have to get ready to twist around her legs and then get my distinctive Tobyaroma on the warm clean clothes.
Full Bowls and Clean Litter to efurryone

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Hello, everyone.

Tilly here. It's pouring rain. I used to like rain, watching the drops roll down the windows, but now the damp makes my bones ache. It wasn't a bad day, though. I helped Mum do some cleaning and then I spent some time on her lap. Dozing is the best thing in the world to do, especially if you can do on someone's nice warm lap. I showed my appreciation by shedding some hair. The hair wafted up into Mum's nose, so she started sneezing. That was bad, because her body moves when she sneezes, but I dug in to keep from falling. I think I dug in too hard since Mum grimaced like she does when Toby the Proportionally Challenged suddenly leaps onto her chest.

I have been invited the join the Gorgeous Gingers and I'm flattered to accept. It will be an honor to be in the company of kitties like Nardo, Frisky, Beezer and Fat Eric. Mum reads all their blogs and that's why she wanted us to start one, too. It's nearly time for me to go stink up the litterbox, something I do nightly to remind everyone who's Boss.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Trump or Toby?

This is a picture of....
  • A. Donald Trump's hairpiece.
  • B. A tribble on a bender.
  • C. A single clump of Toby's matted fur removed last night with the evil hooky brush.

Those who guessed A.... "You're fired!"

Those who guessed B have been drinking too much Saurian brandy.

Those who guessed C understand what Toby's beans are up against.
In Memoriam -- Jiggsy

In April, The Tower Hill Mob lost its dearest member. Jiggsy went over the Rainbow Bridge to play and chase butterflies until his beans come to greet him again. Jiggsy's daddy will certainly come to meet him again, for Jiggsy was his daddy's favorite boy.

Jiggsy, also known by his nickname Doodle, was a black and white tuxedo cat, the brother of Toby. Every night, when Daddy was watching something not-cat-related on television -- like the Red Sox or "24" -- Jiggsy would jump up in his lap and just flop over, knowing Daddy would catch him. Then Jiggsy would fall asleep in Daddy's arms with his head nuzzled in the crook of his elbow and purring.

Jiggsy would call Daddy to bed at night, meowing and talking from the bed while Daddy turned out the lights and did all the other things beans do before they go to sleep. Once Daddy was settled in, Jiggsy would climb up on Daddy's side with his bum end -- the best part -- toward Daddy's head and stretch out to sleep. During the night when Daddy rolled over, Jiggsy would ride him like a surfer on a wave until he settled down again.

Jiggsy was healthy all his life. While the other members of The Tower Hill Mob got pudgy, Jiggsy stayed slim and sleek as a cat should be. But one day, Jiggsy's beans noticed he seemed to be getting pudgy, too. At first they wrote it off to old age but when Jiggsy stopped pooping properly, the beans took him right to the vet.

After many trips to the vet and tests, it was learned that Jiggsy had cancer -- a very rapid and hard to treat kind. Jiggsy's beans took him home and made him as comfortable as they could. But finally, they made the difficult choice to send him over the Bridge to wait for them. It was the right choice but still very hard to do.

Jiggsy's beans miss him very much but will always remember the wonderful cat he was.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Hair today, gone tomorrow

Toby here. I've been having serious problems with my fur. I don't groom it as well as I should so it gets all matted and knotted. My beans say it's because I'm too fat. Hmmph! Who are they to make such claims? Everyone eats 17 meals a day.

Well, the beans say they're trying to help when they pull at my fur with a tugging, pulling metal thing they call the hooky brush. I don't care for this at all. I refuse to sit still and, when they get too familiar, I give them a swat or a bite. This makes the beans mad but they usually go away.

Lately, I've heard them talking about the vet... and me! I don't care for the vet. From what I gather, the beans have made an appointment for me for later in May. They say I'm going to be "shaved" ... but I don't know what this means. They point at me and laugh and say, "Everything goes but the fur on the head and the tip of the tail."

I don't like being laughed at. Nor do I like the sound of this "shaving."
Already, the evil cat carrier has been taken out and placed where I can see it.

Should I be worried?