Monday, May 08, 2006

Trump or Toby?

This is a picture of....
  • A. Donald Trump's hairpiece.
  • B. A tribble on a bender.
  • C. A single clump of Toby's matted fur removed last night with the evil hooky brush.

Those who guessed A.... "You're fired!"

Those who guessed B have been drinking too much Saurian brandy.

Those who guessed C understand what Toby's beans are up against.


Mia and Ghost said...

Welcome to cat bloggy world... Fortunately we are both short haired girls because that looks painful both for the beans (Mia draws blood when brushed so Mom understands) as well as Toby

Patches & Mittens said...

Boy, that is enough to make a whole other cat!!!

The Meezers said...

uh, it looks like there are eyes in that fur mat. It's furry scary