Monday, August 21, 2006

Hello, everyone!
This is Tilly. We have been quite busy, but I've FINALLY taken the time to write. Mum just got back from Maine a while ago. She went to visit Grandma and Mollie. She helped Grandma set up the Feliway smelly stuff that is supposed to calm Mollie. Paws crossed, everyone!
Many kitties have commented on the mouse in the glass. Dad did say it made the Guinness taste funny...
We have not found any more mice( Thank goodness for THAT- Mum) so I think we have scared them all away. I think such hard-working kitties deserve extra treats, but the beans are trying to limit the treat supply. We don't see the wood chuck anymore either; Mum thinks he has moved to the neighbor's yard. Lots of nice flowers and veg there.
Poor Fat Eric is back in kitty jail. He is well cared for, but that isn't the point. We were really hoping he could visit. We hope his beans enjoy Boston- it's a wonderful city!
Toby has been pushy lately. The other night he pushed me away from my dish and started eating! Dad had to squirt him with the plant mister. Then Toby ran away since he's a coward. At last I got to eat in peace. Now that Mum is home, he won't get away with stuff like that.
I was watching Mrs. B's video. She is a rubenesque lady who even while she's trying to retrieve treats is elegant.( Unlike the previous sentence.) Mum has heard of these treat balls but has never got one. She thinks she will get one for us. I want people to know I am not the fat one , though. She will also get one for Mollie since she's getting a bit, uh, pudgy.
"Flabskirt" is a good word. Mum laughed when she read that. She calls the one Mollie has a 'dewlap'.
Well, Mum is yawning after her long drive so I think it's time to get her to bed. We are saying prayers for all the beans and fluffies who need it.
Good night and perky whiskers to all!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Hello, everybody!
Inky here. Tilly and Toby are busy eating, so I thought I'd grab the computer and write today.
First we heard that the kitties at got their Secret Paws! We had never met them before but now we read their adventures daily. We always like to hear of new kitties and beans bloggin'. If you haven't been there, go visit them.
We also met the meowers from Missouri ( Their Mum sent us a nice email telling our Mum all about the area where they live. Mum enjoyed it very much and will reciprocate as soon as she gets off her butt. ( her phrase, not mine).

The above picture was taken a few nights ago. Dad had worked late so he was in the living room watching TV and relaxing with Mum when Toby started meowing and trying to get up into the cupboard. I was also staring as hard as I could at the same place. Mum picked Toby up, petted him and told him to settle down. Well, Toby did it again. This time, Mum opened the cupboard door to see why we were making all the fuss. In the corner we saw this little guy. YUM!

Well, Dad caught him in a glass and released him Outside. We weren't allowed to play with him or anything... personally, I think the beans should have let us have him to eat, uh, er, PLAY with. Toby got lots of praise and cuddles for being such a good hunter. When Mum realized I had helped she praised me, too.

We have been looking at the kitties with their fat tummies. Mum and Dad will have to take one of Toby as he certainly qualifies.

We won't be hearing from Big Eric and Flynn as they are imprisoned for a while. I 'm sure they are getting excellent care and are getting some much needed rest. We 're still working on helping Catitude getting a job. I have to go now as Mum wants to use the computer.

Take Care and keep your whiskers stiff!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

We were tagged by Derby.

Here's the rules:The player of this game starts with "5 weird things/habits about yourself ". In the end you need to choose 5 people to be tagged and list their names. The people who get tagged need to write a blog about their 5 weird things/habits, as well as state this rule clearly, then tag 5 more victims. Don't forget to leave your victim a comment that says "you're tagged!" in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

We're not really sure what we're doing but here goes:
1. Big brawny Toby is a actually a sissy 'fraidy cat.

2. Toby's feet have never touched pavement of any kind.

3. Tilly doesn't meow so much as squawk.

4. Toby once clearly enunciated the words ' muck-muck'. Mum is STILL trying to figure out the meaning of this.

5. Tilly likes to put things away. She once removed the insoles from a pair of shoes and replaced them with earrings.

6. Both kitties snore.

We choose The Calico Girls, Meezer Tails, Timothy Dickens, Fredcat the Famous and Zeus.

Good luck and have fun!
Hello, beans and fluffies!
Tilly here. The Other One is hiding somewhere. He has been bothering me a lot lately. Mum and Dad reprimand him when they catch him, but they don't always catch him. I am an old cranky kitty who needs her sunny spots. Toby gets cross when Mum moves him away from the sunny doorway for me. Yesterday he rucked up the carpet in protest. Too bad- I am both senior and ginger!
I have to explain about being a weather kitty as ol' Numbnuts got it wrong. Of course. *sigh*.
When I play the cello, my leg points in the direction the next storm will come from. Last week, my leg was pointing north which seemed unlikely to my beans, as this is not the right time of year for northern storms. HOWEVER, I was right. What we New Englanders call a back door cold front dropped in from Canada( thank you!) to break the hot spell. The wind switched around and it got cooler. I rest my case. I can also forecast when it's going to rain. When I sleep curled up, with my head upside down it will rain within 12 hours, if it isn't already. Of course, before a big snowstorm, I race madly around the house since ' the wind is in my tail'!
Several kitties expressed an interest in this. I believe that ALL kitties are capable of predicting the weather- they just need to practice and the beans need to learn to read the signs. I was angry when the Calico Girls described themselves as " northern Idaho hicks". I think the Calico Girls would be EXCELLENT weather cats, with a little effort.
I think maybe girl kitties may be better at this than boys, but I urge all kitties to try. Jiggsy was also a weather cat, but his brother Toby is so dumb he couldn't predict snow in a blizzard!
Things are quiet here. The days are warm and dry. Mum says she could take this weather all year.
Grandma's leg is healing nicely. She got the stuff Mum ordered for Molly and is using the drops. She will wait until Mum visits to set up the plug-in thingy. She says Molly seems calmer, but doesn't know if it's because of the stuff or whether Molly is appalled at her own behavior. (Note from Mum: highly unlikely). Dad thinks Grandma and Molly are codependent and should go on Dr. Phil.
We are glad that we didn't have to help rescue Fat Eric. We would have had to dig a really wide tunnel to get both him and Toby out.
We have visited Big Eric and Flynn's website and recommend it to everyone. What's not to like about Gorgeous Ginger English brothers?
Remember catitude in your prayers everyone and have a good evening!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Good evening, everyone!

Toby here. Tilly is curled up snoring in the cat carrier. She pigged out on Stinky Goodness a while ago, leaving me only the barest minimum amount needed to survive. So then she had a long slow wash and went to sleep. She's from Maine originally and they have a funny expression. When a kitty is washing the hoo-ha area, the people say,' the cat's playing the cello.' Well, Tilly was playing it tonight. The old time Downeasters say that the direction the leg is pointing indicates the quarter the next storm is coming from. Mum says she has observed this to be true. We cats are very smart!

Mum wants to thank everyone who sent advice about Molly. Molly bit Grandma AGAIN today. Grandma went to the doctor to get a shot and medicine. She's very angry at Molly. The bean doctor was concerned about rabies, but Molly has had all her shots and is an indoor kitty, so Grandma should be OK. Mum ordered some Feliway stuff and is having it shipped to Grandma. We all hope it helps Molly to be calmer, nicer kitty. She very, very smart and very, very pretty, but she's also very, very mean. Paws crossed everyone!

We have a new neighbor. I have known about him for ages as I look out the window early in the morning, but Mum and Dad just saw him this week. It's a woodchuck! They like woodchucks since they don't have a garden. This fellow lives in the no man's land behind our house. Mum and Dad have watched him go into a hole in the side of the little hill. He's getting ready to take a long nap soon. Every evening, the beans watch him nibble the grass and greenery alongside the house. Mum can approach quite silently and get close. She loves to watch him graze on the plants. She says his whiskers twitch and he uses his paws to grab taller plants. Mum says it's just as well she doesn't have a garden as she would let all the critters feed. She saw a goldfinch and two cardinals today.

All this typing has me worn out. I really need to get more nourishment. The bowl is actually EMPTY so I must yowl and meow for enough scraps to get through the night. Stay cool, everyone!