Wednesday, May 31, 2006

This is the Mum of the Tower Hill Mob. I have to go away for a few days so the gang probably won't be blogging. Tilly is not speaking to her Dad ( she won't say why) and Toby will be busy running the house. Actually, they BOTH will be running the house as it's better to leave a cat in charge than a human male.
Toby wanted me to thank efurryone for their kindness during his recent trauma. He feels that the best cure is lots of crunchies and toys.
Cousin Kainui is still not 100% better, but he's coming along.
So, a big hello to every cat and bean in the blogosphere and I'm sure they both will have lots to say when I return.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

And now... the rest of the story

Toby here to report What Happened Next.

So there I was all safe at home Wednesday night. My beans were giving me treats and head skritches, telling me what a good boy I had been. The Other One was her usual grumpy self. Everything seemed back to normal.

And THEN......

Daddy came home from work the next night and grapped me up right away and stuffed me into the Evil Cat Carrier. And we went BACK TO THE VET! This hardly seems fair as I had just been to the vet the night before. Who ever heard of going to the vet twice in two days!

The beans at the vet put me in the kitty jail. And there were dogs back there in the jail, too. Because of my large size, I had to have a large cell -- near the dogs. It was a very trying night. Mummy and Daddy were not there. I even would have been happy to see The Other One.

The next morning, the vet beans took me out of the cell and into another room, where they poked and prodded me a bit. Then I got very sleepy. When I woke up, the horrid deed had been done.

The shaving was not as bad as I had imagined. They only had to shave the parts where I had not been grooming as well as I should.

But it is still embarrassing. The vet shaved my hooha-al region leaving me all naked in this sensitive area. I don't care for this at all.

After some time back in the cell, Mum came to take me home. I have never been so happy to get into the Evil Cat Carrier and I was very, very quiet on the ride home. As soon as I arrived I checked the food bowls to make certain they were still there. They were, to my great relief.

When Dad came home, there was lots of petting and headbonks and cuddling. Mum and Dad told me what a good boy I had been and gave me some extra Stinky Goodness. They only chuckled a bit at my naked hooha, so I forgave them.

I hope this is the last visit to the vet for some time.

* * *

Tilly here. He looks like he has mange. I hope it's not catchy.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Hello, efurryone,
Toby here. Well, they did it. It all started Wednesday evening. I was dozing on the bed. I had made a nice, comfy nest on Mum's pajamas and had just about made up my mind to go to the kitchen and get a snack. Dad came in and picked me up. He was talking normally so I didn't suspect anything. As we entered the living room, I saw the Evil Cat Carrier! I resisted- I'm a strong, stubborn kitty, but in the end they won. They always win. The ride to the vet (so THAT'S where we were going) was stressful. I yowled and yowled. They tried to reassure me, but I didn't believe them.
The vet was awful. I had to wait in a big room with some dogs until we all went into a little room. They let me out of the carrier and I tried to escape. Trouble was, no place to escape to! No closets, drawers, nothing! I jumped up to the window and thought about leaping out, but it was latched and the bushes below looked prickly.
During all this my beans were chatting and talking to me as if nothing were wrong! Can you believe it?
The vet came in and I have to admit she knew her stuff. She admired my regal looks and weighed me. I weigh 18.5 lbs. Not Fat Eric standards, I know, but quite respectable nevertheless. Then before I knew what was happening, she had given me 2 shots. I honestly didn't see it coming. I lay there startled while the vet went away to check on something. When she came back, she asked the beans if they could bring me back Thursday for the rest of the treatment as there were scheduling problems. They said ' Sure, no problem' and I was done!
The ride home was anticlimactic. I was very quiet, mulling over the various indignities that had been perpetrated upon me. The beans were discussing something about someone needing dental work as well, and getting there before it closes.
Well, this has already been a long story and the most exciting ( and troubling) parts have yet to come, so I will continue this later. The Other One is clamoring to speak.
FINALLY! This is Tilly, the Ginger Queen. For a day or two this week, I thought I was going to be the Only Cat again, but Fate is cruel. It was but a beautiful dream. He's back and feeling better, although I noticed a certain grumpiness and naughtiness that wasn't there before. Perhaps he's punishing the beans for taking him to the vet? Heaven knows I wouldn't misbehave- I would be grateful that my beans cared so much for me. Anyhow, it was wonderful. I had ALL the food, ALL the attention and ALL the sleeping places ALL the time. Now he's back and I have to share. I noticed Mum is rationing his crunchies with a little cup, while I still get crunchies and Stinky Goodness. This morning, he splashed water from the bowl all over the floor and Mum was very cross. She muttered something about picking up bad habits at the vet's from the other cats. I am a good cat. I never would do that. I just cuddle and purr. When I was younger, I was sometimes naughty, but now I just am a lap cat. Maybe someday I'll tell everyone my adventures. In the meantime, we and the beans are thinking of Edsel' s Mom. We hope all goes well with her.
Until next time,

Thursday, May 25, 2006

P.S. Cousin Kainui is doing better. Just a virus. We're all so glad. His Mum was worried.- Tilly
The Mum here. Toby was taken to the vet last night. NOT a happy boy. He yowled all the way there and tried to hide in the exam room. He got his shots and was a very good boy. He weighs 18.5 lbs. which is not in the league of Fat Eric, but is still quite respectable. Due to a scheduling conflict, we were asked to return tonight with Toby. He will stay overnight and be shaved tomorrow. He is also getting some dental work done. Thank God for anesthesia! The Dad and I are dreading trying to get him into the carrier. Tilly will post later as she has been greatly amused by all the activity.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I'm doomed. The female parent brought out the Evil Cat Carrier. I'm hiding until they forget about this crazy idea of shaving me. Toby

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The case for shaving

Toby's Daddy here. Methinks Toby doth protest too much. And I have the documentary evidence to prove it.

To wit.....

Although I have been a good Daddy and tried diligently to remove these mats and knots, Toby refuses to cooperate. In addition to claw swats and bites, he has another defense -- passive resistance. When I attempt to brush him, he flops limply on to his back and paws at the brush. His wide belly thus deployed, it's impossible to get at his back knots.

Toby's distinctive pear shape renders him unable to clean his hindquarters properly, resulting in an unappetizing collection of dingleberries. Daddy and Mummy trim these as necessary, but needless to say, this is a rather stressful project for all concerned.

So we're off to the vet Wednesday night. Toby will stay overnight and get his shots updated. The next day, the shaver will do its embarrassing but necessary work.

After pictures to follow by popular demand.
Oh,no. Oh,no. OH,NO! This morning I just happened to be napping on Mum's chair when I heard the answering machine click on. It was the vet, confirming my appointment! I don't need an appointment. I am perfectly well and happy. True, there are some small slight matting problems, especially near my (cough,cough), but I don't think that justifies an appointment. I've been so good lately. Dad has been brushing me almost every night and I hardly ever retaliate. It isn't fair! Just because I'm generously proportioned and can't groom well, I'm being singled out for torture. Do they take the Other One to the vet? NO. She may look well-groomed but I bet she's got great big knots underneath. It isn't fair! They haven't brought out the Evil Cat Carrier, so it isn't really happening, right? I really have to sleep on this. -Toby.
I also heard the answering machine. Can anyone doubt that there is a Big Kitty Upstairs meting out justice? Life is good. - Tilly

Monday, May 22, 2006

Hello, efurryone,
Toby here. I have a lot to tell everyone today. First and most importantly, I want to send out purrs and good thoughts to Cousin Kainui. He owns Mum's friend,Aunt Mary. Aunt Mary never had a kitty before being claimed by Kainui, so she's especially protective of him. It seems he developed a fever and was not eating, so his mummy took him to the vet. The vet took some blood(!) for tests and thinks he might have a virus. In the meantime, he is resting quietly at home. Get well soon, cousin!
We have still had bad weather here. Last evening we had a thunderstorm. I don't take refuge in the pantry like Mittens Pollypaws, but I definately stick close to Mum! Mum went to the door to check on the storm and she saw a woodchuck in the yard. She was very excited as she and Dad like woodchucks. He ran away before she could get a picture. He had some dandelion greens in his mouth. Mum thinks he lives in the neighbor's yard. The grass hasn't been mowed because of all the rain so he can hide and nibble safely. I hope he comes back- I would really like to see one.
The Other One has been sleeping on her blanket all morning. When Mum and Dad got up today, she got pets and skritches. I think she's feeling her age. The damp weather bothers the beans, too.
Mum's friend in England sent her a photo of her kitty. Mia is a lovely looking girl. I wouldn't mind getting to know her better. MROW! She actually lives with a dog. I have heard of this, but I don't think I'd care to do it. The Other One is bad enough, thank you very much.
Well, it's time for me to harrass Mum for more crunchies.
Happy Nap Time, efurryone!

Friday, May 19, 2006

Hello, efurryone,
Toby here. I have had a pretty good day. The beans went to the kitty store and bought lots of stinky goodness. I know 'cuz I hopped up on the table and looked in the bag. I was leaning in to smell the cans when Mum saw me . She waved her arms at me and yelled" Get down from there!" I stared at her a minute then I got down, but only because I was good and ready.
Later they had steak and gave us some tidbits. I wasn't really interested until the Other One came over to see what I was getting. Then I had to share.
Mum bought a new brush at the kitty store and tried using it on me. She was very gentle and patient, but I still don't like it. She was able to get some more knots out, but they're still talking about shaving. I don't want to lose all my lovely fur! The Other One says she doesn't mind being brushed. I think that the porch light is on, but nobody's home, if you know what I mean. Likes being brushed. Yeah, right and I'm a pure-blood Persian. HA!
It's still rainy. There was a thunderstorm early this morning and I was nervous. Not really afraid but I felt it was important that I hop up on the bed with the beans and snuggle down. Mum petted me and I purred. Dad rolled over and muttered something and I purred some more. Life is good!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Good afternoon, efurryone!
Toby here. Boy, am I exhausted! Since my brother went over the Rainbow Bridge, I am the cat-in- charge when the beans go Away. It's always hard work. First and most importantly, I have to make frequent, in-depth inspections of the food supply. As a public service, I often personally taste the the food for flavor and crunch. Then, I have to patrol the house. I have to check the bedroom windows to make sure no squirrels or raccoons are trying to get in. Lastly, I have to make sure the bed is comfortable and remains neatly made. This can take several hours at a time, if done properly.
Mum says there has been lots of flooding near here. She wants to thank all the kitties and beans who sent purrs our way. The schools are closed and some roads are still shut down, but we hope the worst is over. Even though he's on vacation, Dad went into work to check on some stuff. He had to go a long way 'round to find a road that was clear.
The Other One is demanding her say, so I'll let her ramble on for a while...

This is Tilly. I do NOT ramble on. Let me tell you what really happened. First of all, he isn't really in charge. The beans leave me in charge, because I am the elder, wiser kitty.
All he does is eat and sleep on Mum's pajamas. When he gets bored, he plays floor hockey with crunchies he scoops out of the bowl. So much for leadership.
Of course, things run smoothly when I'm in charge. We follow our own schedules, just like any other day. The only real differences are that I can't sit on Mum's lap and Tubby Toby overeats.
Now that Mum's home, I've been staying close to her. She's busy cleaning and doing laundry and stuff, but she talks to us. I think she and Dad missed us nearly as much as we missed them.
I think such devotion deserves Stinky Goodness, so I'll go sit next to her and purr softly and look like an old, pathetic kitty. That always works. Stinky Goodness rules!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Hello, efurryone,
We have had an unusual few days here. First, the beans went away. They do this sometimes. We don't mind as they leave LOTS of crunchies and water and extra litter boxes and stuff. They worry about us so much and all we do is sleep and (over) eat. Just another day in the life of a kitty.
The beans went to Baltimore to see the Orioles. Apparently the Orioles are a kind of birdy we don't see so much here, but are common in Baltimore. The beans watched our birdies, the Red Sox beat up the Orioles. We didn't know Red Sox were birdies, too. Anyhow, the beans watched the birdies play and they ate lots of crab and visited stuff in Baltimore. We don't understand it all, but Mum or Dad will explain it better later.
We have had lots of rain! Some of the streets are closed off because of flooding and schools are shut down, too. This doesn't effect us at all, as we don't go out. Some water seeped in to the bathroom, but it wasn't near our litterboxes so we were OK. When the beans came home they spread sawdust to dry up the water. That's all that happened here so far, but some beans and their pets had to be evacuated. That means taken to a safe place. We didn't have to be evacuated. Our beans have been skritching and cuddling and talking to us ever since they got home. Apparently, the so-called better hotels do NOT include cats. Our beans would rather have a cat in the room than a spa robe, I know. Mr. Marriott or Mr. Hilton should consider this when offering amenities.
That's about it for now. We'll write again soon. Fat Eric, thank you for the compliment.
Tilly and Toby

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Hello, cats and beans,
Toby here. First, I want to thank efurryone for the welcome that I and the Other One received. We are excited to be here. I have been invited to join " Attack of the Tabbies" and I accept this honor. My info will have to wait until Dad can help set it up as Mum is a Luddite, whatever THAT is.
I am still having fur problems. When I was being brushed last night- an activity I absolutely LOATHE, by the way, Dad yanked too hard and I had to nip him to remind him who's boss. He yelped and said something that just didn't make sense. My mother was a kitty, NOT a girl dog. Anyhow, his version is that is that it was a completely unprovoked attck. We all know the truth, so I won't discuss it any more. After a while, I strolled out to the living room to see if he was willing to apologize for the way he treated me. He did, although he kept muttering about about cutting off tails and shaving and stuff like that. I'm not worried. They would NEVER take me to the vet and get shaved. I'm just too magnificent. My only concern is that I just might waste away from hunger. There is never enough crunchies, as far as I'm concerned. We get Stinky Goodness at night (which is OK) but I really NEED lots and lots of crunchies all the time. If they are in the bowl longer than 5 minutes, they have lost flavor. Why can't beans understand that?
I only pretend to like Stinky Goodness more than the Other One so I can annoy her. Annoying the Other One is what I do in life. She used to pick on me when I was little and I'm real good at holding a grudge. So now it's my turn. Heh,heh,heh.
Mum is getting ready to do laundry so I have to get ready to twist around her legs and then get my distinctive Tobyaroma on the warm clean clothes.
Full Bowls and Clean Litter to efurryone

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Hello, everyone.

Tilly here. It's pouring rain. I used to like rain, watching the drops roll down the windows, but now the damp makes my bones ache. It wasn't a bad day, though. I helped Mum do some cleaning and then I spent some time on her lap. Dozing is the best thing in the world to do, especially if you can do on someone's nice warm lap. I showed my appreciation by shedding some hair. The hair wafted up into Mum's nose, so she started sneezing. That was bad, because her body moves when she sneezes, but I dug in to keep from falling. I think I dug in too hard since Mum grimaced like she does when Toby the Proportionally Challenged suddenly leaps onto her chest.

I have been invited the join the Gorgeous Gingers and I'm flattered to accept. It will be an honor to be in the company of kitties like Nardo, Frisky, Beezer and Fat Eric. Mum reads all their blogs and that's why she wanted us to start one, too. It's nearly time for me to go stink up the litterbox, something I do nightly to remind everyone who's Boss.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Trump or Toby?

This is a picture of....
  • A. Donald Trump's hairpiece.
  • B. A tribble on a bender.
  • C. A single clump of Toby's matted fur removed last night with the evil hooky brush.

Those who guessed A.... "You're fired!"

Those who guessed B have been drinking too much Saurian brandy.

Those who guessed C understand what Toby's beans are up against.
In Memoriam -- Jiggsy

In April, The Tower Hill Mob lost its dearest member. Jiggsy went over the Rainbow Bridge to play and chase butterflies until his beans come to greet him again. Jiggsy's daddy will certainly come to meet him again, for Jiggsy was his daddy's favorite boy.

Jiggsy, also known by his nickname Doodle, was a black and white tuxedo cat, the brother of Toby. Every night, when Daddy was watching something not-cat-related on television -- like the Red Sox or "24" -- Jiggsy would jump up in his lap and just flop over, knowing Daddy would catch him. Then Jiggsy would fall asleep in Daddy's arms with his head nuzzled in the crook of his elbow and purring.

Jiggsy would call Daddy to bed at night, meowing and talking from the bed while Daddy turned out the lights and did all the other things beans do before they go to sleep. Once Daddy was settled in, Jiggsy would climb up on Daddy's side with his bum end -- the best part -- toward Daddy's head and stretch out to sleep. During the night when Daddy rolled over, Jiggsy would ride him like a surfer on a wave until he settled down again.

Jiggsy was healthy all his life. While the other members of The Tower Hill Mob got pudgy, Jiggsy stayed slim and sleek as a cat should be. But one day, Jiggsy's beans noticed he seemed to be getting pudgy, too. At first they wrote it off to old age but when Jiggsy stopped pooping properly, the beans took him right to the vet.

After many trips to the vet and tests, it was learned that Jiggsy had cancer -- a very rapid and hard to treat kind. Jiggsy's beans took him home and made him as comfortable as they could. But finally, they made the difficult choice to send him over the Bridge to wait for them. It was the right choice but still very hard to do.

Jiggsy's beans miss him very much but will always remember the wonderful cat he was.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Hair today, gone tomorrow

Toby here. I've been having serious problems with my fur. I don't groom it as well as I should so it gets all matted and knotted. My beans say it's because I'm too fat. Hmmph! Who are they to make such claims? Everyone eats 17 meals a day.

Well, the beans say they're trying to help when they pull at my fur with a tugging, pulling metal thing they call the hooky brush. I don't care for this at all. I refuse to sit still and, when they get too familiar, I give them a swat or a bite. This makes the beans mad but they usually go away.

Lately, I've heard them talking about the vet... and me! I don't care for the vet. From what I gather, the beans have made an appointment for me for later in May. They say I'm going to be "shaved" ... but I don't know what this means. They point at me and laugh and say, "Everything goes but the fur on the head and the tip of the tail."

I don't like being laughed at. Nor do I like the sound of this "shaving."
Already, the evil cat carrier has been taken out and placed where I can see it.

Should I be worried?

Hello everyone!

We are two kitties who will be telling you about our mostly dull lives and the even duller lives of our beans.

I am Tilly, the Queen Mother. I am a 16-year-old, ginger and white girl. I hate Toby. And I was much happier when I was the only kitty. I used to pick on him and his brother when they were little and now that I'm old, Toby picks on me. It isn't fair.

Toby is a 12-year-old tiger boy. His brother recently crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I wish it had been him instead. He is a large, greedy, cuddly boy who spends most of his days sleeping and pretending to be starving. He picks on me. The beans don't like it and try to stop him.

We'd like to hear from all kitties and their beans.