Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Hello, efurryone,
We have had an unusual few days here. First, the beans went away. They do this sometimes. We don't mind as they leave LOTS of crunchies and water and extra litter boxes and stuff. They worry about us so much and all we do is sleep and (over) eat. Just another day in the life of a kitty.
The beans went to Baltimore to see the Orioles. Apparently the Orioles are a kind of birdy we don't see so much here, but are common in Baltimore. The beans watched our birdies, the Red Sox beat up the Orioles. We didn't know Red Sox were birdies, too. Anyhow, the beans watched the birdies play and they ate lots of crab and visited stuff in Baltimore. We don't understand it all, but Mum or Dad will explain it better later.
We have had lots of rain! Some of the streets are closed off because of flooding and schools are shut down, too. This doesn't effect us at all, as we don't go out. Some water seeped in to the bathroom, but it wasn't near our litterboxes so we were OK. When the beans came home they spread sawdust to dry up the water. That's all that happened here so far, but some beans and their pets had to be evacuated. That means taken to a safe place. We didn't have to be evacuated. Our beans have been skritching and cuddling and talking to us ever since they got home. Apparently, the so-called better hotels do NOT include cats. Our beans would rather have a cat in the room than a spa robe, I know. Mr. Marriott or Mr. Hilton should consider this when offering amenities.
That's about it for now. We'll write again soon. Fat Eric, thank you for the compliment.
Tilly and Toby


Fat Eric said...

That's funny, my mum was just listening to a man on the radio saying how Boston had loads of rain. And then she saw your post about you having loads of rain. Spooky. My mum says she and my dad are going to Mewsachusetts in August, I hope that doesn't mean I get left in the kitty jail, I want to come too!

Patches & Mittens said...

We heard on the talking picher box about all the water that has been falling from the sky at your home. It is terrible hot and dry here........90 today, and it is only May! Come on!! This is so not good, Mistrie still has her winter coat on.

Patches Lady

Lone Star Purrs said...

That's good to hear that y'all are OK. Momma's auntie & uncle were evacuated. They live near Haverel (fink that's how it's spelled)

Zeus said...

Flooding is scary! When we first moved into the human pet's first house, I managed to somehow get to the City of Outside, but I jumped right back in, soaking and wet! It's frightening with all the big booms and bright lights!

I'm glad your human pets had fun watching the birds play! Hopefully, they give you extra scritchin's when they come home!

George, Tipper, Max & Misty said...

Glad to hear you're safe from the flooding, so far. Our grampa lives in Mew Jersey and he's OK for now.

Petey said...

I like it when our humans go away too. We get to (over)eat all the food they put out. I alos like to take the opportunity to put my poop outside the box, wihtout extreme repercussions. Our humans will be doing this in about a month and I'm so looking forward to this. It also means no dogs, Yah.