Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Oh,no. Oh,no. OH,NO! This morning I just happened to be napping on Mum's chair when I heard the answering machine click on. It was the vet, confirming my appointment! I don't need an appointment. I am perfectly well and happy. True, there are some small slight matting problems, especially near my (cough,cough), but I don't think that justifies an appointment. I've been so good lately. Dad has been brushing me almost every night and I hardly ever retaliate. It isn't fair! Just because I'm generously proportioned and can't groom well, I'm being singled out for torture. Do they take the Other One to the vet? NO. She may look well-groomed but I bet she's got great big knots underneath. It isn't fair! They haven't brought out the Evil Cat Carrier, so it isn't really happening, right? I really have to sleep on this. -Toby.
I also heard the answering machine. Can anyone doubt that there is a Big Kitty Upstairs meting out justice? Life is good. - Tilly


Zeus said...

Viva la resistance, Toby!

Hide, my brother! Do not let them take you alive! Claw the next homo sapien who dares get close to the hoo-ha!

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

We agree with Zeus! Do your best to hide till all this blows over.