Thursday, June 22, 2006

Well, I'm still not entirely sure about Inky. He seems OK- I'll have to wait and see. At least he doesn't hog the food bowl like some Other Cat I know.
Mum has been acting very strange today. She was lifting our tails to look at our butts! She couldn't tell at first if Inky was a Mr. Inky or a Ms. Inky; she finally decided he was a Mr. Inky who had hoo-ha surgery. Then she checked mine to make sure there no ,uh, klingons IF you know what I mean. Finally, she checked Toby's. She's a bit worried about his hoo-ha area. Ever since it was shaved it has been very clean, but the fur is growing back slowly. Mum is worried that it will never grow back properly and that Toby will be susceptible to colds and drafts. Does any other kitty have a similar experience? I think he is intentionally NOT growing his fur back so he gets extra attention. He's such a wussy boy.
It's going to be very rainy the next few days. Mum and Dad are making preparations to hole up for the weekend with all kinds of snacks and us kittycats. They would like to go camping, but the weather has been too bad.
Last night, the Other One and I smelled the skunk right under the bedroom window ! We could hear it rustling in the grass and then getting into the trash. Dad went out to check, but he came back rather quickly. He and Mum were laughing because they like skunks, but not that close.
Good night, efurryone! Remember Edsel's Mum and Catitude in your prayers- also anyone else we may have forgotten!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Hello, everyone!

Sorry I haven't written. It's been kinda hot here so I've been taking it easy. Some of you have asked about Outside. I didn't like it. I had a lovely new blue harness and leash and Mum was very re-assuring, BUT...

I went out, sat on the grass, nibbled some and then I sat next to the door and YOWLED to go back in. I wasn't afraid, I just didn't see what the big deal is all about. I prefer my climate-controlled life, thank you.

I have started sleeping in the cat carrier. It's quiet, private and The Other One leaves me alone. Yesterday afternoon, I got quite a shock. A big box arrived at the house. Mum took it into the bedroom to open. Toby the Waddly One went racing to see what was going on. Well, there was another cat inside! I don't like this! Mum says his name is Inky. He seems quiet and both Mum and Dad have been making him feel at home. Right now, he's sitting on the desk next to Mum. I don't like him. He looks sneaky to me. The Other One likes him although I think that's just because Inky brought treats. That's about it from here. There were big thunderstorms last night, but they were far away so I wasn't too scared.

I want to congratulate all the kitties at the Catlympics for a job well done.

Remember Edsel's Mum and Catitude's Mum in your purrayers.

Good night!


A new arrival

Hi, everyone! Toby here. Something exciting is going on today. Mom's got a big box. I wonder what's inside?

Another cat?! I don't recall placing an order for another cat! But wait, there's other interesting stuff in here. Mmmm, tasty treats and little feather-tailed mousies!

Mom says the new cat is named "Inky" and he comes to us from Derby and his family. Oh, that's OK then. Thanks, Derby!

I think Inky will like living here and being part of the Tower Hill Mob. He and I are going to be good friends. Thanks again, Derby!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Hello, everyone!
I am very excited for several reasons. First, Derby has informed us that Inky is coming to live with us. We promise to be good and make him feel at home. We'll send pictures when he arrives.

Second, the catolympics have started! We are cheering for all the kitties who are participating. We will check in with the Calico Girls often to see how things are going. Third and most important, I AM GOING OUTSIDE!!!

It's true! Mum bought a pretty blue harness and put it on me yesterday. I wasn't too sure, but it didn't hurt or anything, so after a while I forgot about it. Mum kept it on so I'd get used to it.
Today we had the remnants of Alberto (whatever THAT is) so we didn't go out. Mum said tomorrow (Friday) it should be warm and sunny so we can play outside. She plans to bring my nice blue blankie so I can rest in the sun. I'm so excited!

Even before going out, I have been very frisky. Mum thinks I am entering second kittenhood. I leap up onto her lap when she's at the computer and help her. She doesn't realize how helpful this really is. It's very important that I get my Tilly smell on it. I like to watch the little moving thing,too. It's a win-win situation for me: either I get to help or Mum gives up and gives me cuddles and sometimes Stinky Goodness.

Well, I am very tired and I want to rest up so I will say good night for now. Sweet Dreams, everyone!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Hello, everyone,
We kitties and the the beans are thinking good thoughts and sending prayers to Edsel's Mom and the whole family. We are also hoping Catitude gets good news about job hunting. Mum goes for a walk nearly every evening when the weather is good. She knows where all the neighbor kitties live and she talks to them. Last night when she was out, she saw a big orange and white(like me!) that she hadn't seen before. She told me about it and we think that kitty would definitely qualify as a Gorgeous Ginger. There is also a large calico who reminds Mum of the Calico Girls- she looks so dignified and managerial. Mum says calicoes and torties tend to be bossy, but in a good way.
Thanks everyone for finally sending us some sunshine. The front door was open, so I spent most of the day in the sunshine that came through the door. This gave Mum an idea. She thinks she might get me a leash and take me outside. I'm nervous about the leash and outside part, but the sun part sounds good to me. Mum says she will stay right with me and not let me get away. I think I might try it.
I have had a busy day, what with the sunshine and all, so I'll say good night. 'Good night'!
Note from Toby: Busy,hell! She's been dozing all day. So have I, but that's different...

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Hello, everyone. I haven't blogged in a few days as nothing really new has happened. I have been spending my days sleeping and eating. What else is there for a handsome tigger to do? I have had a fair amount of success hypnotizing the Mum into giving me more food. The Calico Girls are really good at it, too, but the occupational hazard is indeed dozing off. Yowling and squawking like the poor starved thing I am seems to work better with Dad. Has any other kitty noticed a gender preference re getting extra food? I think we need to conduct some research into this so we can maximize food amounts. All this talk of food is making me hungry. I'd better check the food bowl. - Toby
Finally! I thought he'd never get done. He can't go 15 minutes without eating. I think I 'll start calling him 'Waddles'. I can't believe he only weighs 18.5 pounds. He's a big thug and that's no joke!
I 've been taking it easy as befits a girl of my age and ginger dignity. The rain bothers my achy bones, so I spend as much time on Mum's lap or on my blue blankie. I also have a little kitty cup, but I prefer the blanket. It's really big (queen-size, just for me) so I can make nice soft warm nests in it. Mum put it in the doorway to the study so I can hide in there, too.
Today it is raining- AGAIN! The beans are very depressed because of it. So far, the house hasn't flooded, but everything is so damp. The yard is full of toad stools and the plants aren't doing so well. The soil is too soggy. Please, efurryone, send us some sun!
Well, it looks like Mum's lap is opening up, so I think I'll head straight for it. Good-bye!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Good evening!
Toby here. We had a quiet day today. The beans have started to feed me what I think is a pitiful amount of crunchies, supplemented with barely a taste of Stinky Goodness. They actually expect me to survive on this! I will be be very, very persistent. I will sit quietly on the arm of Dad's chair and stare at him. I will flop over onto Mum when she's lying in bed and stare at her. I will always be underfoot. And, ultimately, I will get more food. I am the tiger. I will triumph.

Tilly here. I don't know what's going on with the Other One. He just sits and stares. It doesn't bother me, it's just weird. I was on Mum's lap earlier, getting skritches and loving it. She told me how she's going to look for one of Vir-ginger's littermates this week. Maybe even tomorrow. She wants to get another ginger (of course) and maybe name it after either Zeus or Fat Eric. She will have to see what's available. She may even get one for Grandma. That would be really fun. It's still raining here. I reminded her she needs to send Zeus a postcard so he can visit. I hope the weather gets better for his visit. We could do all sorts of things with him, but only if the weather's OK. Mum said it would be OK to go outside with Zeus as he is a very smart kitty. Need I remind anyone what color he is?
The beans are very grumpy. They are watching TV. They keep making noise like they are in pain and saying things like " damn Yankees" and "Judas Damon". I'm not sure what it all means but Mum is giving up and going to bed. I have to go cuddle now. Goodnight, efurryone!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Hello, efurryone,
Toby here. I just wanted to write a brief message. First of all, I 've been brushed nearly every night by Dad and while I'm not ready to say I like it, I have to admit it isn't too bad. He's very gentle and the brush he uses is soft, so I'm kinda getting used to it. Thank you, efurryone for all the support during my recent trauma.
Secondly, the Other One and I want to express our support for the Catlympics. We've been following the activities with great interest. We think it is a great thing for Catdom.
Lastly and most importantly, we are sending out purrayers and support to Edsel (and family) and Catitude. Positive energy, efurryone!
Mum is home. Dad didn't really feed me enough while she was gone. He said he did, but it barely provided the energy to nap. I had to severely curtail my security duties and rest frequently. Now Mum is home I expect things to improve.
The weather is still bad here. Mum and Dad are talking about building an ark.
Good night!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Hello, efurryone!
Mum is home and I am so glad! She had a good time visiting Grandma and Cousin Molly aka the Tortie Terror. Mum took a picture of Molly and here it is. Molly had a very hard life until she found a forever home with Grandma. She is still a fierce wild kitty at heart, and really only likes Grandma. This is true even though Mum always brings her treats and tries to be friends. I think it's sad that Molly can't trust people, but maybe someday she will. Anyhow, Mum said Molly slept on her cot when she thought Mum wasn't looking. She also spent quite some time investigating Mum's travel bag, and had a nap in it even!
As soon as she came home, Mum cuddled me and Toby (but me first). I purred and purred and hopped up into her lap. Mum kissed me and gave me head skritches. Toby hopped up on the arm of the chair. Mum petted him, and then made him jump down, so she could continue petting me. After a good long cuddle with Mum, I got down. Can you believe Toby jumped right up? He didn't even give Mum a choice. He kept meowing and heading towards the food bowl as if Mum's return called for extra crunchies for HIM. What a fraud! He acts as though he's starving and he's really quite large. I know he'll end up sleeping on her feet tonight. Anyhow, Mum is really glad to be home. She missed checking up on all the kitties she knows and she hopes all is well. She is concerned about Timothy Dickens. She hasn't been able to get his page. She wonders if anyone else has had this problem. She hopes all is well with him and his family.
Now Mum is home, I have to help her settle back down. Take care efurryone!