Sunday, June 04, 2006

Hello, efurryone,
Toby here. I just wanted to write a brief message. First of all, I 've been brushed nearly every night by Dad and while I'm not ready to say I like it, I have to admit it isn't too bad. He's very gentle and the brush he uses is soft, so I'm kinda getting used to it. Thank you, efurryone for all the support during my recent trauma.
Secondly, the Other One and I want to express our support for the Catlympics. We've been following the activities with great interest. We think it is a great thing for Catdom.
Lastly and most importantly, we are sending out purrayers and support to Edsel (and family) and Catitude. Positive energy, efurryone!
Mum is home. Dad didn't really feed me enough while she was gone. He said he did, but it barely provided the energy to nap. I had to severely curtail my security duties and rest frequently. Now Mum is home I expect things to improve.
The weather is still bad here. Mum and Dad are talking about building an ark.
Good night!

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Fat Eric said...

Your humans must be the other way round to mine - my dad is much more generous with the food while my mum sticks rigidly to the Diet Plan!