Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Hello, everyone!

Sorry I haven't written. It's been kinda hot here so I've been taking it easy. Some of you have asked about Outside. I didn't like it. I had a lovely new blue harness and leash and Mum was very re-assuring, BUT...

I went out, sat on the grass, nibbled some and then I sat next to the door and YOWLED to go back in. I wasn't afraid, I just didn't see what the big deal is all about. I prefer my climate-controlled life, thank you.

I have started sleeping in the cat carrier. It's quiet, private and The Other One leaves me alone. Yesterday afternoon, I got quite a shock. A big box arrived at the house. Mum took it into the bedroom to open. Toby the Waddly One went racing to see what was going on. Well, there was another cat inside! I don't like this! Mum says his name is Inky. He seems quiet and both Mum and Dad have been making him feel at home. Right now, he's sitting on the desk next to Mum. I don't like him. He looks sneaky to me. The Other One likes him although I think that's just because Inky brought treats. That's about it from here. There were big thunderstorms last night, but they were far away so I wasn't too scared.

I want to congratulate all the kitties at the Catlympics for a job well done.

Remember Edsel's Mum and Catitude's Mum in your purrayers.

Good night!



Patches & Mittens said...

I love the out. Momma takes me on my purple harness, not often enough! In fact, only once this whole entire year!

I think Inky will grown on you. They never do talk, that is one good thing.

Patches Lady

Fat Eric said...

I love outside too, though I never go out of my own garden.

My kitty from Derby has arrived too - she is Inky's sister Mandy. I just put some pictures of her on my blog. We are friends already.

Skeeeeezix the Cat said...

I have a bloo harniss EXACTLY LIKE YERS! I wuzn't too wild abowt it at first, but now I like it cuz it's the only way I get to go outside. I'd like it better if it wuz pink becuz pink is my faverit color.