Saturday, June 03, 2006

Hello, efurryone!
Mum is home and I am so glad! She had a good time visiting Grandma and Cousin Molly aka the Tortie Terror. Mum took a picture of Molly and here it is. Molly had a very hard life until she found a forever home with Grandma. She is still a fierce wild kitty at heart, and really only likes Grandma. This is true even though Mum always brings her treats and tries to be friends. I think it's sad that Molly can't trust people, but maybe someday she will. Anyhow, Mum said Molly slept on her cot when she thought Mum wasn't looking. She also spent quite some time investigating Mum's travel bag, and had a nap in it even!
As soon as she came home, Mum cuddled me and Toby (but me first). I purred and purred and hopped up into her lap. Mum kissed me and gave me head skritches. Toby hopped up on the arm of the chair. Mum petted him, and then made him jump down, so she could continue petting me. After a good long cuddle with Mum, I got down. Can you believe Toby jumped right up? He didn't even give Mum a choice. He kept meowing and heading towards the food bowl as if Mum's return called for extra crunchies for HIM. What a fraud! He acts as though he's starving and he's really quite large. I know he'll end up sleeping on her feet tonight. Anyhow, Mum is really glad to be home. She missed checking up on all the kitties she knows and she hopes all is well. She is concerned about Timothy Dickens. She hasn't been able to get his page. She wonders if anyone else has had this problem. She hopes all is well with him and his family.
Now Mum is home, I have to help her settle back down. Take care efurryone!


Patches & Mittens said...

We were at Timmys page just a short time ago. He writed his Momma a letter and says he has some stops to make before heading home from carrying the torch.

Patches Lady

Fat Eric said...

I am glad your mum had a nice time. I am not surprised Toby asked for food as soon as he had had welcome-home snuggles, that is exactly what I would do! Timmy's page seems to be working fine now. My mum says to tell you she and my dad are going to Boston in August - any recommendations for things they should see? We believe this is your neck of the woods!

Zeus said...

Your cousin, Molly, sounds like my sister, Isis. She has a fear factor going on too. It's just insane how paranoid she is. Silly calicos and their phobias!