Monday, June 05, 2006

Good evening!
Toby here. We had a quiet day today. The beans have started to feed me what I think is a pitiful amount of crunchies, supplemented with barely a taste of Stinky Goodness. They actually expect me to survive on this! I will be be very, very persistent. I will sit quietly on the arm of Dad's chair and stare at him. I will flop over onto Mum when she's lying in bed and stare at her. I will always be underfoot. And, ultimately, I will get more food. I am the tiger. I will triumph.

Tilly here. I don't know what's going on with the Other One. He just sits and stares. It doesn't bother me, it's just weird. I was on Mum's lap earlier, getting skritches and loving it. She told me how she's going to look for one of Vir-ginger's littermates this week. Maybe even tomorrow. She wants to get another ginger (of course) and maybe name it after either Zeus or Fat Eric. She will have to see what's available. She may even get one for Grandma. That would be really fun. It's still raining here. I reminded her she needs to send Zeus a postcard so he can visit. I hope the weather gets better for his visit. We could do all sorts of things with him, but only if the weather's OK. Mum said it would be OK to go outside with Zeus as he is a very smart kitty. Need I remind anyone what color he is?
The beans are very grumpy. They are watching TV. They keep making noise like they are in pain and saying things like " damn Yankees" and "Judas Damon". I'm not sure what it all means but Mum is giving up and going to bed. I have to go cuddle now. Goodnight, efurryone!


Lone Star Purrs said...

Our Momma and Daddy say that 'bout the Yankees too!!! Momma's a Cubs fan, and Daddy likes the Rangers. They couldn't believe that Damon left the Sox eifer.

Patches & Mittens said...

Sitting and staring is good. They have no idea what you are up to. You can hypnotize them that way.

Patches Lady

Fat Eric said... tips for getting extra food - start waking up your humans at 4 or 5 am demanding breakfast because you are SO HUNGRY you just can't survive until breakfast time. After I did this three days running, my mum started splitting my evening meal and giving me some of it as a bedtime snack to keep me going until breakfast...wait...does that mean I get extra food or not? (looks confused)

Zeus said...

I'm so flattered that your human pet would consider naming your new beautiful ginger addition after me. How very sweet! And do not worry about the postcard! When it gets here, it gets here!