Friday, July 13, 2007

Tag, I'm it

Hello, everyone. My good friend, Sir Ed the Rotund tagged me for a meme so I thought I would check in to the blogosphere.

1. Where were you 10 years ago?
I was a young 3 year old kitty. I lived with Mum and Dad and my brother Jiggsy Doodle and Tilly in a different apartment. We would watch the birdies and squirrels from the deck and race down the hallway all night.

2. Where were you 1 year ago?
We were still mourning the sudden death of my brother. I was getting used to living with just Tilly (the Orange One).

3. 5 Snacks you enjoy?
I like ham, Temptations, tomato sauce, milk/ice cream lappies and NIP!

4. 5 Songs I know all the words to?
Hmmmn, tough one. Mum and Dad often sing songs to me. They usually make them up as they go along, so the words change. I like " I am the model of a very large tigger cat" and " Tigg of the day, where will it nap?" You get the idea...

5. 5 Thing if I were a millionaire?
Lots to charity-probably Best Friends or other no-kill shelters and for bean charities like the Salvation Army.
Pay off Mum's medical bills!
Buy Dad the kicka** Altima coupe of his dreams!
Take Grandma on a trip.
Help Dad's Mum and Dad with their bills and stuff.

6. 5 Bad Habits?
I shed LOTS! I tend to flop over from ennui and hunger in the most inconvenient spots.

7. 5 Thing I like doing
Eat. Sleep. Root around in the cabinets. Sit on Mum's implanted defibrillator and play the piano. Sit on Dad's back when he's sleeping and play the cello.

8. 5 Things I would never wear again.
I don't wear clothes. I'm a nudist. However I admire the fashion sense of my feline friends.

9. 5 Favorite toys?
Feather toy, nip in various forms, the cord to the blinds in the bedroom. I don't understand catnip bubbles or the Red Dot. I am old and a bit dim.

I enjoyed doing this meme and hope everyone is well. I tag any kitty who hasn't played yet.

Love to all,