Monday, November 26, 2007

Well, wasn't THAT a party! First off, we want to thank everyone who showed up. It was great seeing old and new friends. We'll have to do it again real soon. We especially liked the creative uses for leftover turkey...yum, turkey tamales!
Mum says she's going to change the blog to reflect the changes in our family. If no one objects, we'd like to keep the Gorgeous Gingers logo. Tilly is no longer with us, but she is a member of the Rainbow Division. We will keep our name so you can still find us!
Lydia is sleeping in her hideyhole behind the big bookcase and Toby is sleeping on the floor of the bedroom closet. They both snore loudly. Fat Eric was still here late Saturday, but I think he finally made it home. Mum is shaking her head as she wanders around, gathering up catnip toys and rinsing out cat bowls and scooping litterboxes....
Have a good evening!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Party time!

Happy Friday, everyone!

Those of you who got up early to go shopping and are back home can just relax and have a bite to eat.

We brought in extra turkeys, including one each just for Ed and Fat Eric. There are all kinds of napping spots and toys to play with. Lydia is turning into a playful girl so maybe some of you old pros can show her how to play tub hockey. Later on, the girl kitties will get together to discuss proper household management, wardrobe and who is the cutest Red Sox player.

We invited Groucho Marx and his friends to sing a song about Lydia. The video (which belongs to someone else) is here on YouTube. Groucho got the lyrics wrong. It's supposed to "Lydia, oh Lydia, have you met Lydia? Lydia the Calico Kitty."

We also had a hard time keeping Harpo off the ceiling.

Everyone is so kind -- welcoming Lydia to the blogosphere and Toby is glad to meet up with old friends.

Drop by anytime and stay long!
P.S. Mum says there will be seafood later, for those who want.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

An Announcement

Here at the Tower Hill Mob, we have been adrift for some time now. Dad gets up in the morning and grumbles off to work. When Mum isn't at various doctors' appointments, she's doing even less housework than normal. (It's true -- she's a slug!) Toby has a breakfast or two, has a bit of a wash and spends his days napping in his hidey-holes. In short, we are in a Rut of monumental proportions. We needed leadership, we needed organizational skills, we needed Dr. Phil to chew our collective butts out and get us motivated.

Dr. Phil was busy.

It is a truth universally agreed (sorry, Jane, couldn't resist) that torties/callies are the best organized, bossiest kitties around. One of those could help us, Mum decided.

Meet Lydia. She is a dilute calico, about 3 years old. She is shy, yet friendly. She does have pupils, but decided to use her laser eyes for her first photo. We look forward to being bossed around by her for many years to come.

We are hosting an after-Thanksgiving party tomorrow. All kitties and other critters and their beans are invited to come and eat leftover goodies and meet Lydia.

We expect to be updating our profiles and posting more frequently (Mum hopes).

Happy Thanksgiving to all,

The Tower Hill Mob (Toby, Lydia, Mum and Dad)