Saturday, June 10, 2006

Hello, everyone. I haven't blogged in a few days as nothing really new has happened. I have been spending my days sleeping and eating. What else is there for a handsome tigger to do? I have had a fair amount of success hypnotizing the Mum into giving me more food. The Calico Girls are really good at it, too, but the occupational hazard is indeed dozing off. Yowling and squawking like the poor starved thing I am seems to work better with Dad. Has any other kitty noticed a gender preference re getting extra food? I think we need to conduct some research into this so we can maximize food amounts. All this talk of food is making me hungry. I'd better check the food bowl. - Toby
Finally! I thought he'd never get done. He can't go 15 minutes without eating. I think I 'll start calling him 'Waddles'. I can't believe he only weighs 18.5 pounds. He's a big thug and that's no joke!
I 've been taking it easy as befits a girl of my age and ginger dignity. The rain bothers my achy bones, so I spend as much time on Mum's lap or on my blue blankie. I also have a little kitty cup, but I prefer the blanket. It's really big (queen-size, just for me) so I can make nice soft warm nests in it. Mum put it in the doorway to the study so I can hide in there, too.
Today it is raining- AGAIN! The beans are very depressed because of it. So far, the house hasn't flooded, but everything is so damp. The yard is full of toad stools and the plants aren't doing so well. The soil is too soggy. Please, efurryone, send us some sun!
Well, it looks like Mum's lap is opening up, so I think I'll head straight for it. Good-bye!


Not found said...

Thanks for your comment about the beaver,I have the same opinion. I will read your blog when I will end my university tests, it looks interesting!
(and excuses for my english, it may be terrible) =)

Fat Eric said...

We will send you some sun. We just had the wettest May for 27 years but now it is BOILING!!! It was 85F in London today and it is too hot if you have a long thick ginger coat like mine. I keep looking for the coolest spots to lie in. My mum says to ask your mum, if she wants to go whale watching when she is in Boston, do you think she has a good chance of seeing whales?

Lone Star Purrs said...

You can have our sun (from CO) and Grammies (from TX). We'll bof take your rain.

Patches & Mittens said...

When you get to her lap, make some biscuits and then hypnotize her!!

Patches Lady

Zeus said...

I'll give you my sun. It is so horribly hot here that I could die. Isis has taken over the kitchen tiles, and I'm using the foyer tiles just to keep cool. It's hit 100 degrees!

So do us a favor and blow at the clouds to send the rain our way!! We really want it!

Feline Oligarchy said...

Well, if we had read this earlier, we would have given you some of our HOT DRY weather for a little rain, but now we've got Alberto coming at us and it's not dry anymore. -- Alberta, Sky, Blackie and Charlie

Oreo said...

Fanks so much for coming to mine party! I had such a good time!!