Friday, May 19, 2006

Hello, efurryone,
Toby here. I have had a pretty good day. The beans went to the kitty store and bought lots of stinky goodness. I know 'cuz I hopped up on the table and looked in the bag. I was leaning in to smell the cans when Mum saw me . She waved her arms at me and yelled" Get down from there!" I stared at her a minute then I got down, but only because I was good and ready.
Later they had steak and gave us some tidbits. I wasn't really interested until the Other One came over to see what I was getting. Then I had to share.
Mum bought a new brush at the kitty store and tried using it on me. She was very gentle and patient, but I still don't like it. She was able to get some more knots out, but they're still talking about shaving. I don't want to lose all my lovely fur! The Other One says she doesn't mind being brushed. I think that the porch light is on, but nobody's home, if you know what I mean. Likes being brushed. Yeah, right and I'm a pure-blood Persian. HA!
It's still rainy. There was a thunderstorm early this morning and I was nervous. Not really afraid but I felt it was important that I hop up on the bed with the beans and snuggle down. Mum petted me and I purred. Dad rolled over and muttered something and I purred some more. Life is good!


The Meezers said...

Oh toby, we really hope you don't has to get shaved. that would be tramagic.

Fat Eric said...

My mum had to cut some more knots out of my ruff today. I let her though. (Actually I purred all the time and kept licking the scissors, but it's kind of embarrassing to admit that). It is bad weather here too now. We have very strong gales and rain. Everything outside is getting blown over, including my mum's poor plants.

Patches & Mittens said...

Raining here today too.....good day to snuggle and purr....


brandi said...

I LOVE brushies. They make you tingly all over. I purr and purr. And my fur looks beautiful and soft and pretty.

Think again. Shaving will make you look silly until your furries grow back again.