Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Good afternoon, efurryone!
Toby here. Boy, am I exhausted! Since my brother went over the Rainbow Bridge, I am the cat-in- charge when the beans go Away. It's always hard work. First and most importantly, I have to make frequent, in-depth inspections of the food supply. As a public service, I often personally taste the the food for flavor and crunch. Then, I have to patrol the house. I have to check the bedroom windows to make sure no squirrels or raccoons are trying to get in. Lastly, I have to make sure the bed is comfortable and remains neatly made. This can take several hours at a time, if done properly.
Mum says there has been lots of flooding near here. She wants to thank all the kitties and beans who sent purrs our way. The schools are closed and some roads are still shut down, but we hope the worst is over. Even though he's on vacation, Dad went into work to check on some stuff. He had to go a long way 'round to find a road that was clear.
The Other One is demanding her say, so I'll let her ramble on for a while...

This is Tilly. I do NOT ramble on. Let me tell you what really happened. First of all, he isn't really in charge. The beans leave me in charge, because I am the elder, wiser kitty.
All he does is eat and sleep on Mum's pajamas. When he gets bored, he plays floor hockey with crunchies he scoops out of the bowl. So much for leadership.
Of course, things run smoothly when I'm in charge. We follow our own schedules, just like any other day. The only real differences are that I can't sit on Mum's lap and Tubby Toby overeats.
Now that Mum's home, I've been staying close to her. She's busy cleaning and doing laundry and stuff, but she talks to us. I think she and Dad missed us nearly as much as we missed them.
I think such devotion deserves Stinky Goodness, so I'll go sit next to her and purr softly and look like an old, pathetic kitty. That always works. Stinky Goodness rules!


Oreo said...

I'm glad things are clearing up & getting better. You're in our purrayers.

Patches & Mittens said...

Give her the loving everytime!

Patches Lady

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

Tilly you sound like the responsible one. You can continue to let Toby think he's in charge, but we know who really is. Good job on the pathetic looks. It also helps if you can pull in your stomach to touch your backbone so you look real thin & wretched. -Scooby