Saturday, May 27, 2006

Hello, efurryone,
Toby here. Well, they did it. It all started Wednesday evening. I was dozing on the bed. I had made a nice, comfy nest on Mum's pajamas and had just about made up my mind to go to the kitchen and get a snack. Dad came in and picked me up. He was talking normally so I didn't suspect anything. As we entered the living room, I saw the Evil Cat Carrier! I resisted- I'm a strong, stubborn kitty, but in the end they won. They always win. The ride to the vet (so THAT'S where we were going) was stressful. I yowled and yowled. They tried to reassure me, but I didn't believe them.
The vet was awful. I had to wait in a big room with some dogs until we all went into a little room. They let me out of the carrier and I tried to escape. Trouble was, no place to escape to! No closets, drawers, nothing! I jumped up to the window and thought about leaping out, but it was latched and the bushes below looked prickly.
During all this my beans were chatting and talking to me as if nothing were wrong! Can you believe it?
The vet came in and I have to admit she knew her stuff. She admired my regal looks and weighed me. I weigh 18.5 lbs. Not Fat Eric standards, I know, but quite respectable nevertheless. Then before I knew what was happening, she had given me 2 shots. I honestly didn't see it coming. I lay there startled while the vet went away to check on something. When she came back, she asked the beans if they could bring me back Thursday for the rest of the treatment as there were scheduling problems. They said ' Sure, no problem' and I was done!
The ride home was anticlimactic. I was very quiet, mulling over the various indignities that had been perpetrated upon me. The beans were discussing something about someone needing dental work as well, and getting there before it closes.
Well, this has already been a long story and the most exciting ( and troubling) parts have yet to come, so I will continue this later. The Other One is clamoring to speak.
FINALLY! This is Tilly, the Ginger Queen. For a day or two this week, I thought I was going to be the Only Cat again, but Fate is cruel. It was but a beautiful dream. He's back and feeling better, although I noticed a certain grumpiness and naughtiness that wasn't there before. Perhaps he's punishing the beans for taking him to the vet? Heaven knows I wouldn't misbehave- I would be grateful that my beans cared so much for me. Anyhow, it was wonderful. I had ALL the food, ALL the attention and ALL the sleeping places ALL the time. Now he's back and I have to share. I noticed Mum is rationing his crunchies with a little cup, while I still get crunchies and Stinky Goodness. This morning, he splashed water from the bowl all over the floor and Mum was very cross. She muttered something about picking up bad habits at the vet's from the other cats. I am a good cat. I never would do that. I just cuddle and purr. When I was younger, I was sometimes naughty, but now I just am a lap cat. Maybe someday I'll tell everyone my adventures. In the meantime, we and the beans are thinking of Edsel' s Mom. We hope all goes well with her.
Until next time,


Derby said...

Yeah, I had the double shot work a few weeks ago. So I sulked away from mum for the rest of the day. But I didn't need to go back. Phew.

Feline Oligarchy said...

Toby -- I hope you are feeling better. Last Saturday I had to go to the vet and had a horrible experience too. At least my doctor only sees cats so I didn't have to meet any dogs. -- Alberta

Fat Eric said...

Ohhh, Toby, I feel for you. Waiting sort of in trepidation to see the "after" pics, I promise not to laugh. It is hard work for my humans to wrestle me into a carrier too. I hate being in it, but once I have been let out of it in the vet's office I am pretty chilled out on his table. The only procedure I have ever refused to co-operate with was having my ear canals squelched. I shook my head so much they couldn't get it done!

Zeus said...

Toby, I am sorry that the V-E-T was so uncouth towards you. Weighing, double shots, and you're not even finished? That's horrific! I have to agree with Fat Eric though as I personally think there is nothing worse than getting the ear canals squelched.

Tily, you really ought to be more sympathetic to Toby's plight. One day, when your looks go away, you too will be fat and hairy and then what will you have? Nothing. You too will get the weighing and double shots and you will wish you had not been so mean to poor ol' Toby!