Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Good evening, everyone!

Toby here. Tilly is curled up snoring in the cat carrier. She pigged out on Stinky Goodness a while ago, leaving me only the barest minimum amount needed to survive. So then she had a long slow wash and went to sleep. She's from Maine originally and they have a funny expression. When a kitty is washing the hoo-ha area, the people say,' the cat's playing the cello.' Well, Tilly was playing it tonight. The old time Downeasters say that the direction the leg is pointing indicates the quarter the next storm is coming from. Mum says she has observed this to be true. We cats are very smart!

Mum wants to thank everyone who sent advice about Molly. Molly bit Grandma AGAIN today. Grandma went to the doctor to get a shot and medicine. She's very angry at Molly. The bean doctor was concerned about rabies, but Molly has had all her shots and is an indoor kitty, so Grandma should be OK. Mum ordered some Feliway stuff and is having it shipped to Grandma. We all hope it helps Molly to be calmer, nicer kitty. She very, very smart and very, very pretty, but she's also very, very mean. Paws crossed everyone!

We have a new neighbor. I have known about him for ages as I look out the window early in the morning, but Mum and Dad just saw him this week. It's a woodchuck! They like woodchucks since they don't have a garden. This fellow lives in the no man's land behind our house. Mum and Dad have watched him go into a hole in the side of the little hill. He's getting ready to take a long nap soon. Every evening, the beans watch him nibble the grass and greenery alongside the house. Mum can approach quite silently and get close. She loves to watch him graze on the plants. She says his whiskers twitch and he uses his paws to grab taller plants. Mum says it's just as well she doesn't have a garden as she would let all the critters feed. She saw a goldfinch and two cardinals today.

All this typing has me worn out. I really need to get more nourishment. The bowl is actually EMPTY so I must yowl and meow for enough scraps to get through the night. Stay cool, everyone!


Zeus said...

Maybe you can finally find out just how much wood a woodchuck can chuck and tell all of us! It could be the discovery of a lifetime!

I hope Molly and your Grandma can learn to get along. Poor Molly. I'm sure she doesn't mean what she is doing.

Feline Oligarchy said...

"The cat's playing the cello" ... we never heard of that before. But our OtherHuman has a cello in the closet. Oh. THAT's not what you're talking about. Oh, well - which direction is the next storm coming from?

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

we were plannin ta leaf you a comment but we was readin the furst 2 comments an now we're all rollin on the floor laughin an we can't member what we was gonna say!

momsbusy said...

we hopes yurs mommy gives you extra stinky goodness since yuuv been nice to tilly.

Patches & Mittens said...

The cat's playing the cello is new to us too....but we are from the sticks of N. Idaho, so, that pretty much explains it.

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

You guys have lots of wildlife there. Are woodchucks nocturnal?