Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Hello, beans and fluffies!
Tilly here. The Other One is hiding somewhere. He has been bothering me a lot lately. Mum and Dad reprimand him when they catch him, but they don't always catch him. I am an old cranky kitty who needs her sunny spots. Toby gets cross when Mum moves him away from the sunny doorway for me. Yesterday he rucked up the carpet in protest. Too bad- I am both senior and ginger!
I have to explain about being a weather kitty as ol' Numbnuts got it wrong. Of course. *sigh*.
When I play the cello, my leg points in the direction the next storm will come from. Last week, my leg was pointing north which seemed unlikely to my beans, as this is not the right time of year for northern storms. HOWEVER, I was right. What we New Englanders call a back door cold front dropped in from Canada( thank you!) to break the hot spell. The wind switched around and it got cooler. I rest my case. I can also forecast when it's going to rain. When I sleep curled up, with my head upside down it will rain within 12 hours, if it isn't already. Of course, before a big snowstorm, I race madly around the house since ' the wind is in my tail'!
Several kitties expressed an interest in this. I believe that ALL kitties are capable of predicting the weather- they just need to practice and the beans need to learn to read the signs. I was angry when the Calico Girls described themselves as " northern Idaho hicks". I think the Calico Girls would be EXCELLENT weather cats, with a little effort.
I think maybe girl kitties may be better at this than boys, but I urge all kitties to try. Jiggsy was also a weather cat, but his brother Toby is so dumb he couldn't predict snow in a blizzard!
Things are quiet here. The days are warm and dry. Mum says she could take this weather all year.
Grandma's leg is healing nicely. She got the stuff Mum ordered for Molly and is using the drops. She will wait until Mum visits to set up the plug-in thingy. She says Molly seems calmer, but doesn't know if it's because of the stuff or whether Molly is appalled at her own behavior. (Note from Mum: highly unlikely). Dad thinks Grandma and Molly are codependent and should go on Dr. Phil.
We are glad that we didn't have to help rescue Fat Eric. We would have had to dig a really wide tunnel to get both him and Toby out.
We have visited Big Eric and Flynn's website and recommend it to everyone. What's not to like about Gorgeous Ginger English brothers?
Remember catitude in your prayers everyone and have a good evening!


Fat Eric said...

It's so good to be free, I am grateful that you would have rescued me, Tilly and Toby. I am very impressed at Tilly's weather forecasting abilities. It is quite nice here now, sunny and warm but with a nice cool breeze, low 70s, just nice and comfortable, not like the horrible sticky heat we were having before. I noticed your little crack about "wide" kitties, Tilly - Toby and I are not "wide", we are "extra-cuddly". Cuddly is a good thing in kitties!

The Meezers said...

we need more weathercats- speshully around here where the weather people are always wrong

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

we live in cally-4-nia an lotta people say we doesn't haf any weather cause it hardly effur changes but we sure have had weather this year. we're gonna look into that stuff you said - it's furry inneresting an you're obviously furry 'telligent.

Derby said...

Hmmm. I think I will have to have mum observe about the weather forcasting. Maybe we could get a cable channel going.

Derby said...

You're tagged, come by my blog and see what you need to do.