Monday, July 31, 2006

Hello, hello, HELLO!
This is Tilly. I can't believe it's been so long since we blogged. Time flies like an arrow and fruit flies like a banana.
It's still quite hot here and I've been spending most days sleeping under the AC vent. I lie on my back so the cool breeze can waft over what my fellow Gorgeous Ginger Zeus calls my hoo-has.(I don't really have hoo-has, but I do have a hoo-ha area.) It's very pleasant. The Other One comes in to stare at me, but he generally leaves me alone.
Many poodins and beans have asked how I am doing. I want to thank everyone for their concern. I eat lots of Stinky Goodness and take lots of naps, but I still like to sit on Mum's lap and play with the laser light. The beans have been eating lots of ice cream and I get to have lappies after. Dad puts the bowl down right in front of me, so I don't have to exert myself too much. Mum usually keeps the Other One at bay until I'm done. HE HAS TO WAIT! HAH!
Now I have to tell you all about Toby. Remember how he protested about being brushed? Well, now the big wuss can't get enough of it. Every night he gets on the bed, stands on Dad's chest and meows until he gets brushed. As he's being brushed, he purrs and closes his eyes. Sometimes he drools, which is disgusting.After that he stretches out at the foot of the bed and goes to sleep while playing the piano. He snores, by the way.
Cousin Molly has been very naughty. The beans and Grandma went to Kennebunk Maine for a wedding. Grandma did for Molly what Mum and Dad do for us. There was plenty of food, water and an extra litterbox. Molly didn't like Grandma going away, so when Grandma came home, Molly BIT her. Molly has nipped people before, including Grandma and Mum. This was very serious. It's a big bite and Grandma is very angry. She is going to the bean doctor tomorrow to make sure it isn't infected. Mum and Grandma are very worried. Do any beans or poodins have advice for us? We understand that there are kitties that are just plain mean, but Molly is really bad. Grandma was the person who rescued her and she doesn't know what to do. Gran would never hurt Molly, but she is at wits' end.
On a happier note, Cousin Kainui is getting a little brother this weekend. We're so excited! Aunt Mary is really becoming a crazy cat lady,hehehe. First one cat, then two, then seventy-eight...
We have been enjoying everyone's blogs. We wish we were with Fat Eric in Essex and that we could visit Big Eric and Flynn. They really know how to inspect a hay barn!
* sniff,sniff* Oooooh, Mum's getting out the smelly blue cheese I love. Time to look pitiful. Take care everyone !


Lone Star Purrs said...

Maybe Molly needs one of those Feliway plug-in thingys. They're kinda Glade plug-ins, but they help calm pets. Don't know if they werk or not...worth a try though.

The Meezers said...

Glad you are feeling ok Tilly. Meeko and Kiara have a good idea- the Feliway plug ins. They werked for Grampa Norton when he was agitated, and we has heard that they werk for ofurr poodins too.

Patches & Mittens said...

Give her a prozac!

Glad to hear from you guys, we were getting worried.

Patches Lady

DEBRA said...

The Feliway is furry good. We use it wif Ping who is a little hyperactive.

We need to hear from you more often!


Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

we heard that Feliway stuff's good, but we's neffur tried it. an we know a kitty who just had to haf a root canal on one of her teef an that was making her irritable. our Lady says that when she has dental problems or feels sick she wants ta bite someone. maybe Molly needs a check-up?

Zeus said...

Let's hope this weather changes for the cooler. I need some relief, stat!