Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Naming of Cats

Hello everyone. Tilly and Toby's beans here. Sorry not to have blogged in so long but things have been very busy here.

Let's talk about kitty names. We know that many kitties have several names, some even that their beans are reluctant to admit. At the risk of a visit by the men in the white jackets and a long, involuntary stay in a room with padded walls ($156 per day, crayons included), we are going to reveal all the names we've had for our kitties over the years and the reasons behind them. Maybe others will share as well.

Let's start with Tilly, the oldest. Tilly's main name is short for Attila the Cat. She soon got a last name, too -- Wilkins. Why? We don't know. She just looked like a Tilly Wilkins and the names sound good together.

As she grew up from kittenhood and added a few pounds, we started calling her Pudgy Fat Tilly Cat or sometimes Suet Ball. Tilly won't sit still on your lap -- she keeps pestering for constant head-skritches -- so we've also called her Tilly Wiggles and Agit-Cat.

Tilly Wiggles soon became Tiggly Wiggly and Tiggly Wiggly Dee. During an unfortunate bout with fleas in her youth she was known as Tiggly Wiggly Flea.

Now that Tilly is old and thinning with age, we call her Little Old Tilly Cat. That comes out sounding like Li'l Ol' Tilly or just Lilo.

That's quite a few names for one ginger cat. But Toby has a lot of names, too.

We don't know how we came up with Toby initially. When we adopted him as a stray tiger-stripey kitten, he looked like a Toby -- Toby Tigger. But that was just the first of many names.

We soon found Toby is a curious cat who loves to poke his nose in where it doesn't belong. That led his English grandma to call him a "Nosy Parker", which is something they call nosy people in England, we guess. So now Toby became Toby N. Parker.

Leave a plastic grocery bag on the floor and Toby will root around in it to see what's inside. That led to a new nickname -- Mr. Rooterman. That sounds vaguely Germanic, so we started saying it with a heavy German accent. It became, briefly, Manfred von Rooterman.

When he was covered with mats and had a hutchy (smelling like a rabbit hutch) backside from improper cleaning, he earned yet another name. Matted, hutchy -- Matt Hutchinson. Sounds like an action hero in the movies.

Because of his size, Toby has also been called Biggie, Mr. Biggie, Biggles, Biggles of the RAF and Biggie Boy.

Lately, we've been calling him Tig -- short for Tigger. Toby doesn't care what we call him, as long as we don't call him late for supper.

So that's the full truth about us and cat names. We hope this full confession will lead other beans to do the same. Remember: Admitting a problem is the first step toward recovery.

Yes, we are nuts. But any attempt at involuntary committal will be resisted to the fullest extent of the law.


momsbusy said...

toby and tilly are fuzzalicious! their furr looks incredibly soft. tilly exposing her belly with her back toes curled is a really great pic. toby looks very content in his portrait. widh i could rub their bellies. they definetely looked loved and well cared for. i guess they have you well trained. LOL

Zeus said...

I have the following nicknames:

Buttonface (butt in face)
The Ladies' Man
Beast or Beastie

I kind of like Beast best since it sounds f-i-e-r-c-e!

Isis said...

My nicknames are:

Pretty Isis

I get the Buttonface name too so I don't think Zeus should be able to claim that one entirely for himself.

Fat Eric said...

Nicknames, where do I start? I get called all sorts of things -

Fat Eric
Fluffy Eric
Fluffy Boy
Fat Boy
Fluffy Breeches
Fluffy Dumpling
etc etc
Some of them are so unmanly...

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

They go crazy don't they? Just shows the state of disarray their minds are in. Suet Ball, heh heh.

Derby said...

Little Guy
Four Footed Furry Friend
Derby Doodles

Karen C. said...

I don't have a blog just for my kitties yet, and they're constantly nagging me about it. We caught them as a litter of stray 3 month old babies - all black. My original idea was to have my mother adopt them, so I named the sweet little girl "Midnight", in honor of my mom's kitty who had recently passed away. Since the advertising for the movies by M. Night Shamaylan (sp?), she has become "M. Night". The bouncy little boy is "Cocoa" because my mother works for See's Candies. I was looking for chocolate references and came up with that. My daughter came up with "Milk Chocolate Butter Easter Egg", which was shortened to M.C.B.E.E., to make "Cocoa McBee". He's also known as "Cocoa-Nut" because he's crazy, and "Cocoa-Puff" because he's extra fluffy. The third sister is named "Grr". She named herself. My daughter also calls her (affectionately) "Fatty" because, well...she's huge.

Patches & Mittens said...

Wow, I thought Momma was the only one that did that. It is a relief to know other kitties have a slew of silly names.

Patches Lady

George, Tipper, Max & Misty said...

We think it's perfectly OK and normal for humans to call us cats "pet" names. It'll take a while, but Mom will list ours on our blog.

Ayla said...

Sounds like your mom is as bad as mine. My nicknames are:

Grumpy Girl

There are probably more but I most likely blacked out on those ones from the humiliation.

Emma's Kat said...

Emma has a few nickames.
Emma Lew
Emma Lew Lew
Pretty girl
Stink butt (affectionately!)
Then theirs Benji. His are:
Benji Boo
Benji Boo Boo
Benji Boober
Boo Boo
And Marley:
Marley Farley
Marl Farl

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

Those are wonderful nicknames!!! Tilly for Attilla is great!