Monday, October 16, 2006

Good morning, beans and kitties!

Inky here. Mum says she's too busy to post right now and Toby and Tilly are busy sleeping, so Mum asked me to fill in.

First off, both Mum and Tilly are feeling better. Tilly is taking thyroid medicine twice daily and it 's helping LOTS. Her fur looks better already and she's starting to fill out a bit. She's getting spoiled, though, - she gets fed whenever she wants and she's milking THAT for all it's worth. She even gets Temptations on demand! Sheesh!

Toby isn't thrilled by this, so he nudges in and helps himself. Sometimes this is allowed by the beans and sometimes not. Don't worry- he's not exactly wasting away from malnutrition himself! Mum has been heard muttering things like 'sumo' and 'Fat Eric' under her breath.

Mum's medicine is a bit trickier to manage. Dad says it's easier to get her to take it ( he wraps it in a piece of lobster) but the amounts are still being adjusted. So Mum is feeling better, but she's getting used to the new stuff. She now takes double the Lasix she used to and her favorite letter of the alphabet is the 16th.

Last weekend Mum went to visit her friend, our Aunt Mary. Auntie just got a new kitty. That's right, Cousin Kainui has a little brother named Huna ! Blogger is not letting us upload photos of him and Mum is very upset. We'll have to wait until Dad can maybe figure it out...

Yesterday the beans went to the mountains. They drove up to New Hampshire and crossed over to Vermont and then drove south to home. They said the foliage was a little past peak and felt that this year was not a great foliage year. They said it was very advanced, that the trees usually don't look so bare this early. It was very wintry-looking and cold, but still beautiful. Mum is happy- as long as she gets to the mountains at least once a year, she can make it another year, she says.

That's about it. Mum says her brother has 2 new kitties, so she will have to visit on the way to visit Grandma. Molly was very nasty and bit Grandma again! Mum is furious and Grandma is upset, too. We all wish Molly was a nicer kitty. She takes tortitude too far.

Mum says she will get Dad to work with Blogger to load photos. She promised Aunt Mary she'd blog about those boys, and the beans took photos in the country they want to share.

We're glad CalicoMom is getting better and we are all praying for the Meezer's Mum and Brandi's Mum to get good jobs soon.

Stiff whiskers and sunny napping spots to all!

Your correspondent, Inky


Gemini said...

Oh thank you for the updates Inky. It sounds like things are going much more smoothly at your house. I hopes they stay that way and Abby's Momma at Manx Nmews posted some stuff she read about blogger's troubles..

Anonymous said...

We are very glad to hear that Mum and Tilly are feeling better.

Derby said...

HiInky, good to hear from you. We are happy to hear that the Mob is feeling better.

Mum laughed good at the part of wrapping the humum pills in lobster.

nels, ed, nitro, and/or xing said...

inky--thanks for keepin' us updated. so glad everything's gettin' under control there, 2-legger & 4-legger both!

our mom's wishin' she'da thought of wrappin' her meds in lobstah a long time ago . . . now dad's useta her takin' 'em wifout no lobstah, and she won't be able to convince him she needs to! ;-)

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

great update Inky! our Lady wuz laffin' at the part 'bout the pills in the lobster, an then we hadta laff at HER when she wuz singin' the ABC's an countin' on her fingers ta 16! then she went "OHHHH!" an we laffed at her again. good thing they're both feelin' so much better. keep giving Tilly anyfing she wants so she kin get all better! (*wink, wink* - did we do good Tilly?)

Feline Oligarchy said...

Lobster. Your mum gets her medicine in lobster? In butter sauce? She's gonna have to triple the lasix if that's true. Glad to hear that Tilly is feeling better! We were all worried about her. -- Alberta, Sky, Blackie and Charlie