Monday, October 16, 2006

Hello, everyone!

Toby here. It's a chilly, grey day here today and I wanted to go nap on the bed, but I realized I had photos to post, so ... if Blogger lets me, I will!
I think Blogger must be run by woofies as there are so many kitties who complain about it...

Anyhow, here are two photos of my cousins, Kainui and Huna. The first picture is Kainui and while he hides in the closet, he is the alpha cat. Mum and Aunt Mary think this is funny since he's a laid back kitty. He generally lets Huna crawl all over him, bite him playfully and then when Kainui gets fed up, he just sits on Huna! This doesn't sound bad, but he's a little pork chop and most of his weight is towards the rear.

The second photo is the new family member, Huna. He was a very sick little boy when Auntie adopted him. She's a very good nurse and kitty mom, so now he's pretty much all better. He may have URI tendencies, but we can handle THAT. He came all the way from Missouri and Auntie had to pick him up in New York.

It was hard getting him to sit still for pictures. He's a lively, curious boy. His vet seems to think he's part Snowshoe. What do you think?

So those are my new cousins. I like them as long as they don't visit and try to eat my food.
All this typing has made me hungry so I'm off for a little schmeck and then a nice long nap.
Sweet dreams, everyone!

You will have to scroll way down to see the photos!


Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

awwww - they're such cuties! doncha think Kainui looks like Grr?

nels, ed, nitro, and/or xing said...

what lovely kitties--we thought of grr when we saw kainui, too! lovely kitties, lovely place!! *sigh* missouri *sigh*

nels, ed, nitro, & xing lu

Hot(M)BC said...

Hey, you know who Huna looks like? Huna looks like Luna!! And their nameses efun rhymes. How cool is that? Neato We agrees wif GM&C that Kainui looks lots like Grr. :)
Sanjee (catchin up wif furriends here! hehehe)