Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Hello, everyone.

Tilly here. Our Mum has been ill and busy so this is the first chance we've had to blog in some time.
The beans went to St. Anthony's feast in Boston a few weeks ago. While they were there, Mum prayed for our friends. She prayed real hard for Carol to get a good job and for Toni's eye surgery to go well. We didn't know about Lost Luna then, but we are praying for her,too. There are way too many sick and troubled poodins' and beans out there. C'mon everyone- we need to get our act together and FIX this stuff!
Toby has been a real pain in the hoo-has lately. First, he had to got the vet. heh,heh. Mum tricked him into going into the carrier. He strolled over to see what she was doing and walked right into it! Mum closed the door immediately and he started YOWLING! He's so dumb. Everything was OK at the vet. He just had to get a booster shot. The vet had a hard time listening to Toby's heart as he was purring so loudly. And, Mum says she has to get serious about his diet as he now weighs 18.6 pounds.
His latest problem is that he doesn't like the litter we use anymore. Maybe he just wants a change, but it's driving Mum nuts. I myself am a clean girl and am not picky, but Toby is being a real poop about it. If anyone out there has any suggestions, please let us know. Mum would prefer something organic like cedar or wheat. Dad wants something that will cover smells really good. Toby isn't saying what he wants.
I'm glad Fat Eric is home and he and his family are feeling better. Dad gritted his teeth when he read the description of Red Auerbach as 'some baseball guy.' I don't know what he was talking about, but it looks like the beans had a good time in Boston. I hope so. ( Note from Dad: Red Auerbach being some baseball guy is like Beckham being some cricketer...)
There's a lovely new addition at the Calico Girls. If Flower doesn't want to stay there, she is welcome to visit me anytime.
We are still mourning Trixie. Mum was so sad when she read about it. She cried and is worried that I may be getting ready to go to the Bridge soon. Don't worry Mum, I've got LOTS of life in me yet!
Mum is getting the Stinky Goodness out, so I gotta run. Whiskers up, everyone!


Eric and Flynn said...

Hi Tilly We's glad to see you back again an hopes your mum is feeling better.Eric's got the same problem as Toby wiv his weight.When mum weighed us the uvver day I was still 13 lbs. but Eric had put on a lb. and now he's 21lbs.Mum's cut the food down an he's pretty mad bout it.We haf diet crunchies in the morning and 1 tin of stinky goodness nightimes. When Eric's not around, mum sneaks me a sashay of stinky goodness cos she says I don't want to lose weight.

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

glad yur back an hope yur momma's all better. so Toby was PURRIN at the VET? odd. isn't the vet fur clawin an bitin? that's what we do.

brandi said...

One of our neighbors says to use ground up corn. Food coops have it, different brands, packaged as organic litter, and anywhere they grind corn (?) will give it away. It is about $9 a month, and can be scooped, and absorbs *odor*. We have not tried it, but she "swears by it".

Thanks for all the purrayers.

Eric and Flynn said...

Mum said to tell you cos you left a comment on our post, that when they go to Merricky, they's not going to Boston, but to Florida, then on a cruise. They said to say fank you furr ofurring to reck a mend places to see. We don't reely want them to go cos they's gonna be gone nearly all October, so how's we gonna blog? If you want to teleport ofurr to see us, we'll be glad of some company.

The Meezers said...

oh Tilly's mom, we is sorry that reading 'bout Trixie maded you fink that Tilly might go to the Bridge soon. Don't worry, Tilly seems to be in good shape.