Sunday, December 03, 2006

Hello, everyone.

Toby here. I was worried about my beans for a while after Tilly went to the Bridge. Neither cried much, but both were unusually quiet for a few days. I made sure that I was available 24 hours a day for cuddle duty. I'm glad I was able to say good bye and resolve any differences we had. It was time.

Well,I 'm the only cat now and I have to say I'm kinda enjoying all the attention. I've made a special effort to be more sociable and even playful and I've been richly rewarded. I'm especially enjoying the feather toy Mum bought me. I understand what all the fuss was about now. Playing is OK, but I still prefer to stretch out on Mum's lap, purring and cutting off circulation to her legs.

I have challenged Kukka Maria for a photo of her famed multiple nipples and am thinking of other challenges. Stop by the Meezers to read Miles' spritely " Hammy Smells".

Mum says she just got the best Christmas present possible- her youngest nephew is home safely in the US from serving in Kosovo. He arrived late last night in Bangor, Maine and was able to call his parents when he landed. You may not know this , but all military planes landing at Bangor are greeted by folks who come from far and wide to welcome them home. The soldiers are applauded (loudly), given cell phones to call family and friends and given snacks. When the people found out he was from Maine originally, they all cheered him. Mum and Dad want to thank all the good folks in the Bangor area who welcome our soldiers home. Thanks, everyone!

Mum has put me back on an all- crunchy diet. I think it's just as well. The Stinky Goodness loses its specialness when I can have it all the time.

I hear that Cousin Molly has been knocking over plants from the living room again. Yet she she still gets Temptations! THIS IS NOT FAIR! Mum has shown absolutely no inclination to open the lovely tin she bought in Canada, but apparently Molly has been has been getting so-called holidat treats since Thursday! I'm very distressed by this.

I smell meatloaf cooking. I better go assist with the dishing up.

Headbonks and purrs to all!


Anonymous said...

Hi my fellow fat friend Toby!

I am glad you are providing your humans with plenty of Toby love and cuddles to help them get used to Tilly not being around. It sounds like you are doing a good job.

The feather toy sounds good, I have one, I tend to ignore it most of the time and suddenly go psycho and start ripping it to shreds.

The humans went out today and didn't come home till 7.30pm, I was very unimpressed that my dinner was late.

The meatloaf sounds good, but NO Stinky Goodness?! Outrageous!

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

oh, that's a GREAT challenge! we're lookin' forward ta that one!!!

The Meezers said...

what? no tem-tay-shuns? that's just not right. but meatloaf sounds good. what kind of meat? - Miles

caspersmom said...

I think the people in Bangor Maine are really great to greet the returning soldiers the way they do. God Bless them all.

So glad you are giving your humans lots of love. Mom knows how it hurts when one of her babies have to be put down after Amber was put to sleep in September. But she tells me she has a special place in her heart for her and she will always be there. I am sure Tilly is in the same place in your Mom and Dad's hearts.


momsbusy said...

what is the points to buying tem-tay-shuns if yus cants eat thems?

ars mommees says the beans that say hello to the mill-ee-tary beans on the planes are fery special beans. all beans should do what they do.

yuki & kimiko

Eric and Flynn said...

Good to hear yer adapting to being an only cat. It must strange furr yoo,an of course yoo will haf yer memries of Tilly. Hope yer beans are bearing up ok.Mum sez yoo nefurr furrget the ones who went befurr, an thay nefurr furrget us.

Gemini said...

Toby, I'm glad you are adjusting well. We like your challenge too so I'll be keeping an eye on Kukka's blog!

Kukka-Maria said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Tilly. My thoughts are with you during this tough time.

(Now how do I gracefully transition into a multiple nipple comment?)

You can email me at and I'll send you a full-frontal photo of my multiple nips.

It will knock your socks off!

brandi said...

Hi, Toby. I know it will be strange for a while (my sisfur, Sasha, has been gone for my mama says about 4 years). But you will like the attention and all the free laps and cuddles! And you will see Tilly someday, over the bridge.

Meatloaf is wonderful, isn't it? And no, Miles, it's normally not made of Hamm! But it's still deelish!

Kimo & Sabi said...

Good news to hear about the nephew coming home safely from Kosovo! Purrrrs!