Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A new arrival

Hi, everyone! Toby here. Something exciting is going on today. Mom's got a big box. I wonder what's inside?

Another cat?! I don't recall placing an order for another cat! But wait, there's other interesting stuff in here. Mmmm, tasty treats and little feather-tailed mousies!

Mom says the new cat is named "Inky" and he comes to us from Derby and his family. Oh, that's OK then. Thanks, Derby!

I think Inky will like living here and being part of the Tower Hill Mob. He and I are going to be good friends. Thanks again, Derby!


Just Ducky said...

Yay, Inky made it safely. Gotta run, mum has to do at work. hehe.

Timmy said...

This am the second one I've seen today! Did you win that poodin? It am most handsome!

Big Piney Woods Cats said...

Be most careful if you let Inky outside. Our two went sploring!! They look sweet and innocent, but they have a wild side.

Patches Lady

Fat Eric said...

May I just say how handsome you look in those photos, Toby? And my mum thinks you have very long legs. Glad Inky got there OK, we are still waiting for Mandy to arrive, she has a long trip across the pond to complete. Yes, my humans are still going to Boston but not until August 22nd so they have plenty of time to plan what to do!

Zeus said...

Inky is gorgeous! You three are going to have lots of fun together! It just makes me unable to wait for Blackie to get here!

The Crew said...

Wonderful! I'll tell Midnight another one of his brothers has been adopted.